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88 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 4. 1913. Minnesota. MINNESOTA. Pir¤¤¤>¤¤ ¤¤¤¤¤L . 9. For su rt and education of two hundred_ and twenty- fivilglxndian pupilglg the Indian school, P1pestone,_ Minnesota, and for pay of superintendent, $39,175; for general repaus and improve- 0, the ments, $6,700; in all, $45,875. _ , ,

 For su port of a school or schools for the Chippewas of lih6·M1SSlS~

$€,‘}°§'6 ·p 720 sippi in lgmnesota (articlp f$li1re0e;0treaty of March nmeteenth, eighteen

 ’ ands` -seven, , . _ _

‘”§‘§P°"'“ °' mn' hu'Illg;6(Secretm1;t}i>f the Interior is hereby authorized to withdraw m§¤i**ga,**;•&d;_*°·· from the Treasury of the United States, at his discretiorhlthe sum of °°xi'$g¤,p.¤4s. $165,000, or so much thereof as may he necessary, of _ efgrincipal sum on deposit tp_the credit of the Chippewa Indians m e State of Minnesota, arismi under section seven of the Act“of January fourteenth, eighteen undred and eighty-nmzlentitled An Act for _the rehef an civilization of the Chiggewa diana 111 the State_qf Minnesota " and to use the same for _ of promoting civilization and selfsupport said m manner and for rovided or in said . W¤1¢¤¤¤¤¤ Bm- P age Segretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to advance to mmwmmm the executive committee of the White Earth Band of Chippewa Indians in Minnesota the sum_ of $1,000, or so much thereof as may be necemary to be expended in the annual celebration of said band to I? held bgligne fou{t0eent§1,bn1npteen hundred and thirteen, out of the nmds nging said an . ¤,¥f° Lm R°°°"°' That the unesxpended balance of the 8 ql'l8.tl0II for the comple- D¤**¤¤¤° ’°°'*”°°· tion of the drainage survey of ceded In _ ands made by the Act mwiiin as,p.a2. of April thirtieth, nineteen hundred and eight, is hereby reapproriated and made available for an extension o the drainage surviviy, tolgdggher an est1mate of the cost of the proyect, · to cover the ed e Reservation m Minnesota, with a view to determining what portions thereof may be profitably and economically reclaimed by drainage to make the same suitab e for 'cultural urposes. 1rg`if°i?K•:•?°¤$i¤<l;l"w ag'1l`lhat uponpthe passage of this Act the senior judge of the United ,°§§g‘}ng{,g”°”°°° °°· States District Court for the District of Minnesota shall appoint a c¤m¤asi¤¤;¤¤mp<> commission consisf of two persons, one of whom shall be selected ""°°’°°°‘ by the De artmenigg Justice and the other shall be a citizen of the State of Minnesota, who shall proceed forthwith, under the direction of the said United States district court to make a roll of the Chi gewa Indians allotted within the While Earth Reservation in the `tate of Minnesota. The commission shall qualify by taking an oath of office and by giving a bond to the United States in the sum of $5,000 conditioned upon the faithful performance of their duties. Should a vacancy in said commission occur, from any cause, the €?C",,c§’g,;,,,_ court shall appoint some suitable person to fill such vacancy; Pro- ·mkZe;1, 'lllhat e said commission shall always be constituted as above set ort . ¤¤¤*—*¤¢¤»¤¢¤»¤f¤¤¤1- That the roll herein provided for shall be made in triplicate and shall show the allotment number or numbers, together with the description of the propertdgmallotted, and the name, age, sex, and quantum of Chippewa blood of the allottees as near as it reasonably can_be_ascerta1ned. The roll shall also state whether the person named is living or dead,_ and, if dead, the approximate date of death shall be stated, when It can be ascertained, to ether with the zzgle of such person at death as near as practicable. Ni allotment nor e allottee thereof shall be enrolled where there is a suit now pending, or hereafter commences prior to the completion of such roll, gupgncgl any cotniveyance of such allotment until such suit has been y e .