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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. IH. Rss. 14, 15. 1915. 1227 That the rovisions of this resolution shall be deemed to extend to All g>°¤*¤’*¤¤S ¤¥ all im; tndpwster, continents or mmm, within the jurisdiction of °"‘“" ‘°"“"‘°‘“"°"· the United States. _ Approved, March 4, 1915. [No. 15.] Joint Resolution Making a propriations for the service of the Post Omce [g?.l'?hR%sl?4%.] mmmgrfgr the Escal year ending Jpime tlnrtieth, mneteen hundred and sixteen, [Pub. RBS., Nom.] ` Resolved by the Senate and House o Re esmtatives the United , States ejlimerica in Congress d8867ItbZ£d{'Th&1;’·8.ll a proprilsiitions for the _§i°pti•ipmti¤¤i¤ tm. service of the Post Office Department which shall) remain unprovided HE? °' °"°l ’°“' for on June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fifteen, are continued and made available for and dining the iiscal year nineteen hundred and sixteen to the same extent, in detail, and under the same conditions, restrictions, and limitations for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and sixteen as the same were provided for on account of the fiscal year ‘*""""2°5‘ nineteen hundred and fifteen in the Post Office a propriation Act for that fiscal year. For all of such purposes a suiiiinent sum is ap ro- azpetoiimued. priated in conformity with the Act o July second, eighteen hundred °'5’ "‘°°‘ thirtgr-six, not to exceed in the a.¥regate the amount appropriated Pmm for the Hscal ear nineteen hundre and fifteenz Prormkled, That if the Appmsmtnn zmm revenues of the Post Office Department shall be insufficient to meet Zi.,'Y,c“i§’ °° ‘“°°°d°°‘ the appropriations made by this Joint resolution, a sum equal to such deficiency of the revenues of said department is appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to sup ly said' deficiencies in the revenues for the Post Office Department for Elie year

 June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and sixteen, and the sum

neede may be advancedto the PostOiiice Depa.rtmentuponreq11isition Du mm mms of the Postmaster General: Provided farther, That this joint resolution not aiitttnzxy shall not be construed as providing or or authorizing the duplication of any special payment or for the execution of any purpose provided for in said appropriation Act that was intended to e paid onl once or done solely on account of the fiscal year nineteen hundred and Hf teen: Lm I And provided further, That letter carriers assigned to collection service, sstilgimtgrsitmu who were promoted to the higher grades in accordance with the classi· ¤§>‘,,°,°},,, v_ mg fication Act, approved March second, nineteen hundred and seven, and whose salaries have been reduced during the past year, through no delinquency or char es of misconduct on their part, shall be restored Rmmmm to their former rules: Provided also, That on and after July first, Pay emnusnéd. nineteen hundregrand fifteen, the compensation of each rural letter A""*"·”‘· carrier for serving a rural route of twenty-four miles and over, six days in the week, shall be $1,200 per annum, payable monthly; on routes twenty miles and less than twenty-four miles, $1,152; on routes twenty miles and less than twenty-two miles, $1,080; on routes eighteen miles and less than twenty miles, $960; on routes sixteen miles and less than eighteen miles, $840; on routes fourteen miles and less than sixteen miles, $720; on routes twelve miles and less than fourteen miles, $67 2; on routes ten miles and less than twelve miles, $624; on routes eight miles and less than ten miles, $576;_on routes six miles and less than eight miles, $528; on routes four miles and less than six miles, $480. rural letter carrier serving] one triweekly route shall be paid on the basis for a route one-half the length of the route served b him, and a carrier serving two triweekly routes shall be paid on the liasis for a route one-half o the combined length _ __ of the two routes: Provided, That in the discretion of the Postmaster ‘"‘“ “‘°"°‘ General, the pay of carriers who furnish and maintainiheir own motor vehicles and who serve routes not less than fifty miles m length may be fixed at not exceeding $1,800 per annum. Approved, March 4, 1915.