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144 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESSV Sus. I. Ch. 16. 1913 °"""'¤ L- 315. Handk hiefs uill composed wholly or in chief value of

 silk, finished ol·¤ ; ifllit, not hemmed or hemmed only, 40

...Ea"§g‘°'°°‘°° ml per centum ad valorem; if hemstitchedor imitation hemstitched, or revered, or ha drawn threads, but not m any manner wilt}: an initiavllgtter, monogam, or otherwise, 50 per centum ad v orem. » . m§*b°°¤¤· ‘¤¤d*¤¢=· 316. Ribbons bandings, including hatbands,,belts, belting, bind- ` ings, all of the foregoing not exceeding twelve inches in wid and if Fwith hast edges,_bone casing, braces, cords, cords and tassels, garters, suspenders, tubin , and webs and webbmgs; all the foregoing made ’ of silk or of wh.u§_ silk or silk and india rubber are the component materials of clnef value, 1f_not embroidered in any manner, and not _ spec1all5élp)roy1ded for in section, $15 per centum ad yalorem. W¤¤¤¤s•m>•¤¤*- 31'{. _ thing, readyanade, and articles of wom? apparelpf eveiiy description, mc uding kmt goods, made up or man acturedgn who e or in part by the tailor, seamstress, or manufacturer; all the foregoing composed of s1lk_or of which silk or silk and india rubber are the co¤;poneg1:mafenat]ls;fa<:ih1ef value, not specially provided for in this sec ion, per cen W°'°" ’“"'“'· 318. Woven fabrics, in piece or otherwke, of which silk is the ` comminfnt material of chief value, and all manufactures of silk, or of yr silk or silk and mdia rubber are the component materiak of $ef lwgalue, not specially provided for in thk section, 45 per centum va rem. ,_;{,g*};jf* ·“*= °* 319, Yarns, threads r filaments of artificial or imitation silk, or of arht;6c1al_or imitation ho?5ehau·, by tuvgmaatgverlname gown, andrgsy W g>\'00¤ · een va orem; ltmgs, tassek, ri bons, or othbr artpictles or fabrics composed wholéycgr _ chief yalue_o£ yarns, threads, filaments, or fibers of cial or 1m1tation silk or of artificial or imitation horsehair or of ams . . . . . . ’ y 1 threads, filaments or of artificial or imitation silk, or of artificial or umtation horsehair and mdia rubber b whatever name kno 2 Y WD, and by whatever process made, 60 per centum ad valorem. Scnnm.: K. ULE M——PAPEBS AND BOOKS. Papers and books. sumthing paver. 320. pa pulpboard in lls t° ted . ’“"’°°°'°' °°‘ felté comm0n_paper-ggdboard, not coallgd, lixllgd, embossed; or _ ecorated H1 any manner nor cut mto shapes for boxes or other M 8!g1;i&T?-I gu centum a%1va.lorem.k

  • °"“’“”· . r masse or ter stoc composed wh ll ° {

Xvgorcidggnligpg wood flour, cotton or other vegetable filler? 2l)rp]:r geiltluih "$,f,°f"f¤ gg[P°'- 322. Printing paper (other than paper comme iall kn P { P I handmade or machme handmade pgper, japan pa ul-, slid ngivagigi Japan pafper by whatever name own), and, or glued suitable or the pr1nt1i1;i of and newspapers, but not for coverd Pr or bmdmgs, not spec y provided for in t is section, valued above c°_g_·g¢;·h_m_8 my 31 iexifts per poupd, 13 per centum ad_val0rem: Provided, hfawever, gngoxggt duty, .,,,,_, a any coun ry, ependency, province, or other subdivision of · government shall imgzse any export duty, erport license foe or other charge of any d whatsoever (whether in the form of additional charge or license fee or otherwise) u n printing aper wood pulp, or wood for use m the manufacture ofpizood pulp, there shall be

upon prmtmtg paper, yalued above 2} cents per pound, when

uupo either direc mr indirectly from such country, dependency, provmce, or other su vision of government an additional dut equal to the amount of the highest export duty dr other ex rt char y imposed by such country, dependenc rovincs P0 ‘ · ‘g° { . , _ Y, P , or other subdivision 0 government, upon either prmting paper, or upon an amount of