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148 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS; Sess. I. Ch. 16. 1913. ¤¤¤¤¤r¤-rl N- I 345. Matches, friction or lucifer, of all descriptions, per gross of umm. one hundred and fortggfour boxes, containing not more than one hundred matctgee per x, 3 cents per gross; wheiiimgzrged ottglerwisethanin xes containing not more than one un ma es each, § of 1 cenflper one thousand matches· wax matches, fusees, wind matches, and matches in books or folders or having a stained dyed, or_colored stick or stem, and tapers of a wick coated with an mflaminahle substance, and mght lights, 25 per centum ad mm. valorem: Provided, That m accordance with section ten of "An Act E°°"..,‘¥;£°°£ to provide for a tax upon white phosphorus matches, and for other Q-f"'“' ,, . . . . Vi r 8* "`""°§“.a.s°m.¤a.aPP””°d %u?f§€mh’ '““,?l%°l‘,hL‘§“"°d “°iZ"£}'°i `{Z"“’ phosp m o mum shall not be entitled to enter at any cme perth of ig: Uni States, and the importation thereof is zum maine. Provided further, That nothing in this Act contained be held to , repeal or mo said Act to provide for a tax u n white hos horns X° . . E P , lrpatches, and or other purposes, approved pnl , nineteen ugiféred and twelve. _ d dge sh lk c¤¤·i·1p•,¤ ,m. . on a cartridges, cartri e t , 15 F per centum ad blastingsciilps, $1 per thousan , lastingbor safety fuses of all kin , 15 per ceutum ad valorem. muses 347. eathers and downs,_ on the skin or otherwkse, crude or not dressed, colored, or otherwise am or man actured in any manner,not pmvidedf inthis nie,20 L tum

;..*"`;,*.¤tm°m.;.2°’;.*2·*’·r9;z%h¤;‘i~P°s ··fv·¤‘e$*°’*°·~*

sui e or use as mi oma~ ments, including quilts hf down and manufactures of downc?40 haéspgli mmm, centum ad_ valorem; orciegnanaeutal feathslisfliluitable lf; use as ery ornamen an o nt 'ts, gram¤' — leaves, flowers, and Sl»8lDS’01' parts thereof, of ewhatever material composed, not specially provided for in this section, 60 per centum ad valoreing boas, boutonnieres, wreaths, and all articles not specially provided for in this section, composed wholly or in chief value of any of the feathers, {lowers, leaves, or other material herein men- {,?g'm‘•g;u,dm’_,c_, tioned, 60 per centum ad valorem: Provided That the importation ygodyuc was pmmb- of plumteslpr soézmalled osprey pigimgisand the feathers, u ea , wings , s arts f wild birds iitheii raw_ or mamifactured, a11il(ii-oi, for stizieiitiiid <;· educational purppses, ns hereby prohibited; but this provision shall not apply tm; e feathimwilg pgumes Qtggstriches, or to the feathers or plumes o omes 10 o o any . Fm 348. Fuis dressed on the skin, not advanced further than dyeing, 30 per centum ad valorem; plates and mats of do and goat skins fig per centum aél (yalorem; inanufacturesfof furs, iurther advanced an dr an , ared teria], ' or sewed together, lftegmlihlngs <dh maex Jtlmed and mats of dog and at and aiticles manirlactiiagehpffot; fur not specially provigoed for in this section, 40 per centum ad "°"""“""‘°“ vileaem; migdwearing appprel of every description partly or w o yman ac _ com whi hhid f cg tl; hovniie s;;e5c1es,hr ogutxlga dg; éighat arg the chszdipdxlsdgz 1(haihiiil ec evaue,_ percen a v ;articles f ‘ of eve? descritption partly or wholly mrgiufactumdfmviiiposed Sfléiiii which ur is _ e component material of chief value, not specially pgoyilzgegkgrgpc this sgggiigxéglspu centcxfmed fvalorem; urs not y USB, lll ° r 15 per ceutum ad valcrem. uding ur Skms carmtcd' `”‘ 349. Fans of all kinds, except common palnpleaf fans, 50 per mm nh centum ad valorem. 350. Gun wads of all descriptions, 10 per centum ad valorem.