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SHTY-THIRD CONGRESS. snss. 1. RES. 10-13. 1913. 239 ated, for relief of destitute American citizens in Mexico, includi ua§Pg{{,°P§§Q{°1{*,g§,'** transportation to their homes in the United States, to be endl-id citfmsf °°° under the direction and within the discretion of the Secretarymdi)State, Am" p‘ 2°°‘ and to be immediately available, $100,000. Authority is hereby granted to the Secretary of State to reimburse from this appropria- tion the agpropriation for ‘ ‘Emergencies arising in the Diplomatic and umm pp Consular I"Y`1C6," for such sums as shall have been expended from that gpproprxation for purposes of relief and transportation in and from exico since January first, nineteen hundred and thirteen. Approved, September 16, 1913. 0.11. Joint ResolutionA thorizi he Secre of ° make an °°"°°°"“·m3· _ exliibit atlthe Sixth National Cldrn Exprbgsilion, to bbnlield 2t;!ll) T:i’:a.s, during the month of February, nineteen hundred and fourteen. lP¤b· RN-. N0- 9-1 Resolved by the Senate and House of Re entatives of the United Suites of America in Omtfess assembled, Tg.? the Secretary of Agri- ,,.,l§?°§§,'{'° °°"‘ E" culture be, and he is here y, authorized to make such exhibit as may ‘tED*h_,jg}f,,*:°°x_b° *¤*d° be convement and practicable at the Sixth National Corn Exposition, to be held at Dallas, Texas, during the month of February, nineteen hundred and fourteen. S10. 2. That the said exhibit shall be of such nature as the Secre- °°°’°·,,, of ulture deems appropriate: Promlled, That the Secretary rm mluwazm. of ture shall make su arrangements with theuproper officers of said exposition that the Department of Agri ture shall be . at. no expense for trarpsipprrtation of said exhibit to and from the xpositiom Providaljit , That the Secretary of Agriculture shall N°“*’“"" also make such arrangements with the progipr authorities of S8.1d exposition that there s all be no expense to the department for any breakage or damage that may occur to the exhibit, nor for the living expenses of such appointees as he may see iit to send to sand exposition to demonstrate the exhibit sent. Approved, October 16, 1913. 0.12.· Joint ResolutionAutho ' thePrssiden tea intdel tes to attend 0°*°l’°'¤•m$- thlillsevsilth 1¤wma¤m1 congress of its wears relay Fgismanigil be held in _£E;.{:3;*.E’;L the city of Minneapolis, State of Minnesota, November seventh to twelfth, nineteen lP¤b· RU-. N¤· 10-1 hundred and thirteen. Resolved by the Senate and House oédkeplriesentatives of the United States of America in Congress assemb , at_ the President of the mV{QgQ*Qm*`°°· United States be, and he is hereby, authorized and respectfully &ng»u¤ unnerrequested to a point delegatesto attend and represent the United States at the Szventh International Congress of the World’s Purity Federation, to be held in the city of Minneagloelig, State of Minnesota, November seventh to twelfth, nmeteen hun and thirteen. Approved, October 22, 1913. 0. 13. Joint Resolution For the a intment of a 'oint committee from Home °°t°b°" 22· 1913- an[dqSenatb to attend Congress Hall celebiftion in Philadlelphia in October, nineteen hundred and thirteen. [P¤l>· Bw. Nv- 11-] Whereas Congress Hall, Philadelphia, has been recently restored to P‘°“‘“"*°· the condition in which it existed when used by the Continental Coggress and the Congress of the United States at Philadelphia; an Whereas the citizens of Philadelphia have arranged for a Etting celebration to be held upon the turning over_of the building by the committee in charge of the work of restoration; and