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334 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 52. 1914. omms annowmn nr rim aunrron ron. craze wan nmranmmm. §‘°“'{“ ,,$“""°° bl For a and so forth, of the Army, $2,322.09. 1‘l¤¤?=i°¤¤¤*{ wu D For hiilveage to omcers and contract surgeons, $32.20. For extra-duty pay to enlisted men as c erks, and so forth, at Army division and department headquarters, $1,097.20. For subsistence of the Army, $122.70. For regular supplies, Quartermaster’s_Depart1nent, $15,338.89. _ For transportation of the Army and its supplies, $407.84. For water and sewers at mihtaxiy posts, $145.41. For headstones for graves of so diers, $12.09. oums auownn mr rmi annrron ron rim mlvr nmramunm. °'“"" “°°},'°“ *2 For a of the Na , nineteen hundred and twelve, $1,349.07.

 N W D For gag of the Nagy, $3,360.20.

For pay, miscellaneous, $50.54. For pay, Marme Corps, $964:23. _ For transportation and recruiting Marine Corps, $38.34. For contingent, Marine Corps $17.18. For transportation, Bureau 0 Navigation, $143.07. For maintenance of naval auxiliaries, Bureau of Navigation, $8.70. For ordnance and ordnancestores, Bureau of Ordnance, $3,249.48. For freight, Bureau of Supplies and Accounts, mneteen hundred and thirteen, $8,022.73. For freight, Bureau of Supplies and Accounts, $797.94. For construction and repair, Bureau of Construction and Repair, $31.36. v°"2°"°°°` For indemnity for lost property, Naval Service, Act March two, eighteen hundred and ninety- ve $34.65. or destruction of clothing and for sanitary reasons, $28.30. For enlistment bounties to seamen, $100. cmms ALLOWED BY um nmrron ron mn nrrnmon nmraarunm. °"¥*“‘“ ““°"°'* "’ For conf ent enses artment of the Interior nineteen u iter r 1 r t»3~»·¤·%’·. "‘°°"'°‘ tuned niigtmagii, $669.2%}) For collecting statistics, Bureau of Education, $2. For paintin dome and central portion of the Capitol, nineteen hundred and thirteen and nineteen hundred and fourteen, 95 cents. For salaries and commissions of registers and receivers, $4. For contingent expenses of land offices, $9.15. For surveying the public lands, $1,829.28. For Geological Survey, $65.45. _ For investigating mine accidents, $1.75. For purchase and transportation of Indian supplies, nineteen hundred and thirteen, $47,345.04. For purchase and transportation of Indian supplies, nineteen hundreivd aridltwelve, $221.113. 81 h hdl S or e a hing an the onin 'an ervice nineteen hundre aime- Z I ’ or te egra g an te e o , n Service, nineteen hundred and twelge, $4.59. P For telegraphing, transportation, and so forth, Indian supplies, $101.73. For irrigation, San Carlos Reservation, Arizona, $395.14. For administration of affairs of Five Tribes, Oklahoma, nineteen hundred and thirteen, $69.38. For support of Sioux of different tribes, subsistence and civilization, Sout Dakota, $3.63. V°L “· °· °“· For indemnity to certain Chickasaw Indians for los es, treaty June twenty-second, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, $14,050. For Army pensions, $136.