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20 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Ssss. I. Ch. 3. 1913. rms,. Treasury: Provided That rtio f th' shall be ex- I*"'°“°°"‘ for printing igpategoniiies oi·l'l)‘reas1lirj:;ru11i[i>§dof large: enominationsthan ose tmay ecan orre ,excep ‘ h t' b t' th une-

 iiii ii%:i¤"“i¤`i·*¤`i·i”¤‘    

the 't m neyissu orcome y me a to iihdl pu(b1li:Sd,ebt,0and for other purposes, approved Marcli lI•t¤§a1s,•¤¤~ fmiior ent;i·aI::·‘;l;°?ai11dhpdl1Iiinters’ materials and other materials exceptv°L °7’°' m` distinctive paperaagdl or migcellaneous elxpenses, igcluoduxng purchiasef. mam'te " onecessar orsesanvcesano horse alhiiwtéehixlile forv;§cial use of die director wheni)in’writi.1?i °"}f”‘Zrb’ds“§°i.E§§'2i“5He°saef “h° T“’1"}“&'a $$222% “° ° °"’°“° un er e . ,° ,,"§,’§ During the fiscal year nineteetxigundred and fourteen all proceeds me- derived from work performed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing by direction of the of the Treasury, not covered and em rtzcagd ip the appropnznont;o1é1is·a1d bureau for the said fiscal , o being covere m Treasury as miscellaneous V°i'“’ em as provided y the Act of August fourth, eighteen hundred and eighty-six (Twenty-fourth Statutes page two hundred and twenty-seven), be credited when received to the appropriation for. saidbureau fortheiscalyearnineteezihxmdiedand ourteen. 1¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤— mscmxnzmous onmcrs, mmsunr nnrmmmur. 1ah•:g'§y_‘•I¤;n’:._ Paper fo1iu Ig.I!i6l".D&l•I'6V sotaépps: For paper for internahrevenue stam mc frezgh , . $g[_¤gg;f;g_¤ Tepgiiable of the Treasury to refund money covered into Treasury as mternal·revenue collections, under the provisions of tha 36:; approved May twenty-seventh, nineteen hundred and eight, $5 . d}’;¤'*;¤_¤i¤¢vi¤1¤¤¤¤¤ Iiunmhment for violations of internal·revenue laws: For detecting and bringing to trial and punishment persons guilty of.V1018t1I1g the mternal-revenue laws or conmving at the same, mcluding payments for information and detection of such v1o1ations, $15Q 000; and the Commissioner of Internal Revenue shall make a detailed statement to Congress once in each year as to how he has expended thxs_sum, and also a detailed statement of all miscellaneous expenditures in gse gugeau of Internal Revenue for which appropriation is made m s c . is at 'I'heSecret of theTreas th 'edt f d' -

_ nectien withjuthe enforcemexiltlvofstlilzi 1:;: relaiiii;ctd)rthbn'1‘r1ga§di?y

Department and the several branches of the public service under its control,_not 6l;098(l1Dg at any one time four persons paid from the iiiiuiiiiiiiifyiiiegi$°si1(iIii§ii2fa°ixi»`;ii$:i»¥igltiii-ii;1”$I$iIfmd fmt or from the appropriation for the foregoing purpose, and fomdtpggdlns paid from e appropriatwn for suppressing counterfeiting and umu. other crimes, but not exceeding six (persons so detailed shall be mm. employed at any one time hereun er: Prvmkied, That nothing °“*" ‘*°"”’· herem contamed shall be construed to deprive the Secret of th 'ggixsmiig-%8from making any detail now otherwise authblrtized by w. I,,°§”,p’g‘$,g§°¥,P§§g’g; Contingent e nses, _ Independent Treasury: For con t tmgen ¤r§· S we- M expenses under e requirements of section thirt -six hundred and 7,%* " * " fifty-three of the Revised Statutes of the United States for the col- °’·"·P· 757- leetion, safe-keeping, transfer, and disbursement of, the public monetyhfor transportation of notes, bonds, and other securities of the mted States, for salaries of special agents, and for actual