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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 130. 1914. 411 For commutation of uarters of officers on dut without troo s C°'¤m“*°“°¤.°' where there are no public uarters, $42,000. y P gmgéimmmwim PAY or crvu. Fononz In tlhe office of the major general comman— °iv¤f<>¤=¤· dargtz One chief clerk, at $2,000; one clerk, at $1,400; one messenger, at 971.28. In the office of the yipymasterz One chief clerk, at $2,000; one clerk, at $1,500; one cler , at $1,200. In the office of the adjutant and inspector: One chief clerk, at $2 000· one clerk, at $1,500; one clerk, at $1,400; one clerk, at $1,200. In the office of the quartermaster: One chief clerk at $2,000; onehclerk, gt §léE;)0; two gerks, at $1,400 each; two clerks, at $1,200 eac ; one ra an, at ,800. In the office of the assistant quartermaster, San Francisco, California: One chief clerk, at $1,800. In the office of the assistant quartermaster, Philadelphia, Penns lvania: One chief clerk, at $1,800; one messenger, at $840; in the Qiirartlei-;naste;·’skSDepa;·tx1‘;ent, fc]? duty where their services are require , ourc er ,at 1, 00eac . In all for pay of civil force, $35,711.28, and the mone herein .¤?,*.Z;¥gY`°t° md specifically appropriated for pay of the Marine_Corps shalirbe dis- · bursed and accounted for in accordance with existing law as pay of the Marine Co§s,_and for that purpose shall constitute one fund. In all, pay, anne Corps, $4,345,469.86. MAINTENANCE, QUAB,TEBMAS'1‘EB.,S nnranmnm, Manmn conrs. °°' _ Pnovrsrous, Mmmm Comm: For noncommissioned officers, musi- P’°"'“‘°"" cians, and privates ashore; subsistence and lodging of enlisted men when traveling on duty, or cash in lieu thereof; commutation of rations to enlisted men l°i§ll.l&I'ly detailed as clerks and messengers; payments of board an lodging of applicants for enhstment while _ e d under observation, recruits, and recruiting parties; transportation of provisions, and the employment of necessary labor connected hI161‘GW`lt•h° ice machines and their maintenance where required for the health and comfort of the troops and for cold storage· t u 1ce for offices and preservation of rations $890 000. No law shall Sh°r° d° rr °°°' be construed to entitle enlisted men on dhore duty to any rations · or commutation therefor other than such as are now or may here- ,,m,_m_ after be allowed enlisted men in the Army: Provided, however, That Navy mam tamu when it is impracticable or the egrpense is formd greater to sucpply °”"“" marines serving on shore duty m the island possessions an on fore1§n stations with the Army ration, such marines may be allowed [ ml the avy ration or commutation therefor: Provided, That hereafter ;,,$,f‘,,{§h€§°°4§csZs,§tp°3 so much of this appropriation as may be necessary may be applied for the purchase, or sale to officers, enlisted men, and civilian employees, of such articles of subsistence stores as may from time to giniehbc-§designate<i_ algulléinder such regulations as may be prescribed y the ecret o the a . CLOTHING, mrun Convris; For noncommissioned officers, musi- C‘°“““g· cians, and rivates authorized by law, $620,063. F UBL, lriiuuum Cours; For heat and light for the authorised 1""°‘“"‘* wm allowance of quarters for officers and enlisted men, and other buildmgs and grounds pertaining to the Marine Corps; fuel, electricity, gngllioll for cooking, power, and other purposes; and sales to officeI‘S, 1 ,000. . Mirrranr s*r0m=:s, Mmmm Cours; Pay of chief armorer, at $4 iii1;i°ry Smm per diem; one mechanic, at $3 per diem; two mechanics, at $2,50 each lper diem; one chief electricmn, at $4 per diem, and one assistant e ectrician, at $3.50 per diem; per diem of enlisted men employed on constant labor for periods of not less than ten days; purchase of P“'°*'”°"’*°‘°‘