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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3. 1913. 29 UNDER THE WAR DEPAR'l‘MENT. W¤r1>¤1>¤¤m¤¤r- Anmonms AND Ansnrxans. s,,,·},f,,’§§°’i°’ md °’· f Bgrnicia Arsenal,$Benicia, California: For increasing the facilities B°m°*“·°“· or e protection, 6,000; ¥o1;mreo:;1structing one storehouse and its equipment, $15,000; n , ,000. Frankford Arsenal, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: F'°““°"’· P8- For the construction of a concrete sewer, $4,000. _ Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island, Illinois: R°°k I¤'*”"·m· For increasing the caipacity of the plant at the Rock Island Arsenal for the production of eld artillery materiel, $250,000; For mamtenance and operation of power plant, $12,500; For o rating and care and preservation of Rock Island bridges B'*"8° °‘¤°'”°°· and viad)1(ict· a.nd_ for maintenance and repair of the arsenal street conlgegzlfingzghe bridges, $18,000; · 0,500. " Proving ground, Sandy Hook, New Jersey: gmsg§',;‘}§;{°}’¥°'°”'”‘ Iéor one}hp11‘}s¢§8$52i·§b000; ui $32 500 . e airs to w , , ; in a , . Tesllsing machines, Watertown Arsenal: For the necessary pro- i·va:ii¤ri°“ fessional and skilled labor, purchase of materials, tools, and appliances for operating the testing machines, for investigative test and tests of material in connection with the manufacturing work of the Ordnance Department, and for instruments and materials for operating the liboratory connection therewith, and for maintenanceo eesta. t, 15,000. Repairs of arsenals: For repairs and improvements at arsenals, R°"""‘ and to meet such unforeseen expenditures as accidents or other contingencies duringx the year may render necessary, including $125,000, or so muc thereof as may be necessary, for machinery for manufacturing purposes m the arsenals, $290,000. UNDER Qnanrnnmsrnn conrs. Qusmmumcmp. Military posts:_ For the construction and enlargement at military “““"'"°‘“ posts of such burldmgs as in jutdgent of the Secretary of War mag be_ necessary, uic uding the ms tron therem of plumbing and R,,t,,,,,,,,,_ of eating and liglhting apparatus; but no part of this sum shall be used for the purc ase of and, for construction of buildings at Coast

 posts, nor for the establishment of any military prison,

Barracks and quarters, seacoast defenses: For the construction ¤,§,f‘T‘},,,,,°’,}'Q,,,"f,‘,§,,‘},g‘f,j'j and enlargement of barracks and quarters for the Coast Artillery and of other buildings in connection with the adopted roj act for seacoast defenses, including the installation therein of plumbing and of heating and lighting %$paratus, to be expended as m the jud ent of the _ Secretaigipf ar may be necessary, $115,078: Pro·vi%, That no §’£§‘,j’,,%q,,,,.,,,,& Pm of _ sum shall be used for the construction of officers’ uarters V¤1·35, p. asa. to_cost m excess of the limits established in the sund civil} a. proprlgtion Act approved May twenty-seventh, nineteenrhundrecil and era? . ort Monroe, Virginia: Wharf, roads, and sewer: For re air and F°“ “°‘“'°" V”* " maintenance of wharf, including all necess labor and Ifnaterial mas, md therefor, fuel for waiting rooms, and wateril-brooms, and shovels, $1,400; retplaus to apron of wharf, including all necessary labor and material erefor, $4,155; wharfinger, $900; four laborers, $1,920· in all, $8,375; for one-third of said sum, to be supplied by the United States, $2,791.66.