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638 SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sasa II. Ch. 223. 1914. ',Q’g$$; lm P m Trusses for disabled soldiers: For trusses for pprsons entitled thereto va1.`é0,;§. mi ` under section eleven hundred and seventy-six, evised Statutes of the United States, and the Act of Congress amendatory thereof approved March third, eighteen hundred an seventy—mne, $3,500. D?@"*‘*°¤°° H°°P*°—"· Support and medical treatment of destitute patients :_ For the supnsmua patients. port and medicaltreatment of medical and surgical patients who are estitute, m the city of Washmgton, under a contract to be made with Hm rm mmm the Providence Hospital bylthe Srn§eon General of the Army, $10,000, menu., "' one half of which sum sha be 81 from the revenues of the District gf Columbia and the other heilf from the Treasury of the United tates. DP;'°°'d H°=P“°*· Garfield Memorial Hospital: For maintenance, to enable it to prommsemaee, sec. vide medical and surgical treatment to rsons unable to pay therefor, Hm mm mmm rmder a contract to e made with the goard of Charities of the Dismums trict of Columbia, $19,000, one half of which sum shall bplpaid from the revenues of the District of Columbia and the other h from the Treasury of the United States. D,§$,§{;’,,"°{,,§{‘,;',';‘*{,{g’{ rurrorur. norm ron nrsaminn vormrrmzn somarnns. Soldiers. Igolrilsupport of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, as 0 ws: D°c,,,,’*°,,,“» °**‘°·, , Central Branch, Da n, Ohio: Ciurent e enses: For a, of t omcers and nonco ned officers of the hoffic, with such Ibxsceptions as are hereinafter noted, and their clerks, weighmasters, and orderlies; also fpayzrlpents fgr chzprllalinsi religious mstréuctlgcan, dand entertainment pr e mem ers 0 the ome, printers, oo in ers, librarians, musicians, telegraph and telephone operators, guards, jarntors, watchman, and fire company; for all property and materials purchased for their use, including repairs not done by the home; for necessary expenditures for articles of amusement, library books, magazines, papers, pictures and musical instruments, and for re airs not done by the home; and for stationery, advertising, le al adgice rmat. for payments due heirs of deceased members: Provided? That all ,,,§§§,§_°' °°°°“°d recer ts on account of the effects of deceased members during the fiscalp year shall also be available for such a ents· and for such other expenditures as can not properly be incsudgl under other heads of expenditures $61,000; 8¤***=*¤¤¤•· Su sistencez l·"or pay of commissar se eants, commissa.13 clerks, porters, laborers, bakers, cooks, dishwalslners, waiters, an others employed in the subsistence department; the cost of all articles purchase for the regular ration, and the subsistence of civilian employees regularly employed and residing at the branch their freight, reparatron, and serving; aprons, caps, and jackets for kitchen ami) diningroom employees; of tobacco; of all dinlxvigroom and ldtchen furniture and utensils, bakers’ and butchers’ too and appliances, and their rergur not done by the home $250,000; Household. ousehold: For furniture for officers’ quarters; bedsteads, bedding bedding material, and all other articles required in the uarters of the members, and of civilian em loyees permanently emgloyed and residing at the branch, and for their repair, if they are not repaired by the ome; fuel, including fuel for cookrnp, heat, and light; engineers and firemen, bathhouse keepers, janitors, aundry employees, and for all labor, materials, and appliances required for household use, and for their repairs, rmless the repairs are made by the home, $110,000; Hwpiru. Hospital: For pay of assistant surgeons, matrons, druggists, l10S· pital clerks and stewards, ward masters, nurses, cooks, waiters, readers, drivers, funeral escort, janitors, and for such other services as may be necessary for the care of the sick; burial of the dead; for surgical instruments and appliances, medical books, medicine, liquors,