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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 20. 1915. 801 a part of the Navy, subject to the orders of the Secretary of the S°“’i°°i¤N°"Y· Navy, in time of war or when the President shall so direct. When subject to the Secretary of the Navy in time of war the e nse of the Coast Guard shall e [paid lg the Navy Department: gilyvided, §{§§{1’,§’g., (,,,,,,,,,1 ,,1 That no provision of this ct sh lbe construed as giving any officer °m°°*’~ of either the Coast Guard or the Navy, military or other control at any time over any vessel, officer, or man of the other service except by direction of the President. Sec. 2. That in the Coast Guard there shall be a captain com- gggggd 1. , mandant, senior captains, captains, first lieutenants, second lieu- mm m>m_rz¤v¤¤¤•. tenants, third lieutenants, engineer in chief, captains of engineers °‘{¥§$Y§;'§%‘}_ iirst lieutenants of engineers, second lieutenants of e eers, third lieutenants of engineers and constructors, cadet and cadet engineers warrant officers, petty officers, and other enlisted men, all of said offices, respective y, corresponding to the present offices of the Revenue-Cutter Service, which are transferred to the Coast Guard, and all the present incumbents, officers and enlisted men, are also _ transferred to corresponding positions in the Coast Guard; a general s,1,B`i§,,'P L“‘*S°"“’* superintendent, assistaniilrgeneral superintendent, district superin- mvgl-56¤9.,y0lgg:vy•g._ tendents, keepers, and s men, whic oiliices and ppsitions shall be ’ ’ p` transferred from the corresponding positions in e existing Life- Rm ow Saving Service and be made like positions in the Coast Guard, and ’ ` all the incumbent officers and surfmen shall be transferred to such correspondirggl ppsitions in the Coast Guard, in which the superin— _ tendents sh e commissioned as such, keepers shall be warrant oflicers, and surfmen shall be enlisted men, o which enlisted men the number one surfmen shall be petty officers. M I H mam There shall be in the administrative service of the Coast Guard um. two chiefs of division, to be appointed by the Secretapy of the Treasmy, with annual salary of $3,000 each, tziether wi such clerical and technical positions and the incumbents erein as it may be necessary to trans er from the two existing organizations to the Coast Guard. There may be such other clerical and technical assistance as may from time to time be authorized by Con5x;ess. Comm d ¤_ Except as herein modified all existing laws r tiérgheither to the aussi";. present Life-Saving Service or the present Revenu tter Service shall remain of force as far as applicable to the Coast Guard and the offices, positions, operations, an duties shall in all respects be held and construed to imcpose the same duties upon the positions and their incumbents in the oast Guard as are now imposed upon the correspondinqpositions and incumbents in the said two existing orgamzations. e provisions of the Act entitled "An Act to gegglate ,,,,’§,';},§f,§,‘},§;“" '“°d eulistments and punishments in the United States Revenu tter V¤1~34»r>- M- Service," approved May twenty-sixth, nineteen hundred and six, shall apply to and govern the Coast Guard. _ c“,m,, ummm All uties now performed by the Revenue—Cutter Service and Lrfe- dslgpuas to M Savin Service shall continue to be 8-performed by the Coast Guard, mma by. and all such duties, together with duties that may hereafter be imposed upon the Coast Guard, shall be adnnmstered &the captain A . t. md commaudant, under the direction of the Secretary of e Treasury, ,v,,£§{Q‘f§”° ‘°“ ° and all funds and a pro riations now provided by law for the Revenue- Cutter Service and) all grads and appropriations now provided by law for the Life-Saving Service shall be available for like purposes under the Coast Guard hereby created. Rug Wy md d_ Sec. 3. That all existing laws aifectinghrank, pay, and allowances mum. ' in the present Life-Saving Service and e present Revenue-Cutter Service shall apply to the corres onding positions m the_ Coast Guard and the officers and men translerred thereto and their successors. Lmgmtypa ml This shall include all laws and regulations which_now give to the mam mm, y' enlisted men of the existing Revenue-Cutter Service increased pay 9l0O6°——von 38-—r·r 1-—-51