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804 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 22. 1915. '1`¤d*¤·¤¥ •PP°°'—* zens of the United States or citizens of different States; also in all °dd°d' cases arising under the patent laws, under the trade·mark laws, under the copyright laws, under the revenue laws, and under the criminal laws, and in admiralty cases." . ¤¤g>¤¤¤°°°°¤· “SEO. 238. Appeals and wuts of error may be taken from the a¤ir¤¤E¤¤<i6’ p' mz district co1u·ts, mcluding the United States distr1ct_court for Hawan

 °$£§`1°aZig and the United States district court for Porto Rico, d1rect_ to the

'“$¥"°‘ °°'"°’» *9* Supreme Court in the following cases: In_any case m which the Yh:ii:<i:ii Pm Rm jurisdiction of the court is in issue, m which_case the question of jurisdiction alone shall be certified to the Supreme Court from the court below for decision; from the final sentences and decrees in prize causes; in any case that involves the construction or_apphcation of the Constitution of the United States· m anycase m which the constitutionality of any law of the United States_or the validity or construction of any treaty made under its authority is drawn m question; and in any case in which the constitution or aw of a State is claimed to be in contravention of the Constitution of the United I! rm suprem• Stzlgsuh, 246. Writs of error and aopeals from the final judgments 'i·°$°}q'>°R`ihi1"°¤ wd and decrees of the Supireme o the Territory of Hawau and of V°‘;,,§‘*» P· “5“· the Supreme Court of orto Rico may be taken and prosecuted to the mm Su reme Court of the United States withm the same time, m the same malimer under the same regulations and in the same classes of cases, ' hi `ts of and eels from the finaljudgments and <1ileci·vees%fYh1e highgiioclomt ofL£IState in which a decision in the suit va sap. usc. could be had, may be taken and prosecuted to the Supreme Court of the United States under the provisions of section two hundred and °•¤*¤¤" °“°"°d· thirty-seven; and in allfother cases, loivgl or crimiéial, itu itlip1Stup§eme C fthT `to Hwaiiorte ureme ouro 0 o ico itoghd-ball) be gorxipjdwnrgfbr tlife Supreme Coilirt of the United States td require by certiorari, upon the petition of any party thereto, that the case be certified to it after final judgment or decree,_for review and determination, with the same power and authoriltyuas if takplo to Bttiat ui-tb l rwrit of error- but certioraris a not e ow in (axiiy sucliizldgdiinless the petitiofrtherefor is plresented to the Supremlo mm Court of the United States withm six mont s from the date o suc mizigxriéigbpwu judgment or decree." Writs of error and appeals from the final udgments and decrees of the supreme courts of the Temtory_of liawaii and of Porto Rico, wherem the amount mvolved, excIus1ve L of costs, to be ascertained by the oath of either parti or of other competent witnesses, exceeds the value of $5,000, may e taken and prosecuted in the circuit courts of appeals. §gr;0¤¤l;i€§{“P”m° Sec. 3. That section two hundred and forty-four of the Act afore· EEE? ii. 1157. said is hereby repealed. `WY *°°°°°· . 4. Th t th dgm t d decrees of the circuit courts of méifii; ofilocrces, apiigls in all pmgeieldingsegnli iznasesarising under the bankruptcy - §,*{§,‘§° °°“"°“ °' °"' Act and in all controversies arisitgl m suc proceedings and cases V¤1-,§§·¤· $3* Sw shall be Enal, save only that It sh be competent for the Supreme pgiii c`:· Court to require by certiorari, upon the petition of any partfy thereto, V°‘· 3*** *’· 55* that the proceeding, case, or controversy be certified to it or review V°’~ 3*% P- **5** and determination, with the same power and authority as if taken tol that} court by appleal or writ of error; but ce;·t1o;·anysltpItl1ef,iSott£g m an suc proceedmg, case or on ro ers _ _

egfi§n ftherefgr gs prosentp1d_ tp the tSup3eme Court within three

_ . t om the ate o suc ju en or ecree. ____ ¤i{eir;1¤i;$°gi>¤g»’i·is°¤iilp°' m(SIi;;c.S5.r No court of the UnitedHStates shall have jurisdiction of S{,§{Z,§°$§‘,}§’t’§Y‘°mt°° any action or suit by or agamst any railroad company upon the ground Pending um not M_ that said railroad company was incorporated under an Act of Congress. mem. Sec. 6. That this ct shall not affect cases now pending in the Supreme Court of the United States or cases in whlc W1‘1tS of 61'1`01`