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six*rY-rH1Rn oononnss. sm. III. oa. 74. 1915. 821 and, in the case of substances, he shall lace a oison label u n B°·l°¤ by ¤¤¤¤*¤·>- the container. Thgecord of sale and deilivery gbove mentiohgd m°m’°w' shall not be repuired of manufacturers and wholesalers who shall sell any of the oregoing substances at wholesale to licensed pharmacists, but the box, bottle, or other ackage containing such substance, when sold at wholesale, shall be pro erly labeled with the name of the substance, the word “Poison," and) the name and address of the manufacturer or wholesaler: Provided jurther, That it shall p.Sg‘§.?’1,’§,'Li_ mmm not be necessary, in sales either at wholesale or at retail, to lace a ' poison label upon, nor to record the delivery of the sulplliide of antimony, or the oxide or carbonate of zinc, or of colors ground in oil and intended for use as paints, or calomel; nor in the case of preparations containing any of the substances named in this section when a single box, bottle or other package, or when the bulk of one-half ilurd ounce or the weight of one—half avoirdu is ounce does not contain more than an adult medicinal dose ofpguch substance· nor, in the caseof liniments or ointments sold in good faith as such, when plainly labeled “For external use only"; nor, in the case of preparations put up and sold in the form of pills, tablets, or lozenges, containing any of the substances enumerated in this section and intended or internal use, when the dose recommended does not contain more than one—fourth of an adult medicinal dose of puch iubstance. f his d f th f HHSA P l orte oseo f an oev o ersectiono ctno "°¤°¤"*¤¤• box, bottlelilalrilbther package shall beiilggarded as having been labeled pmm m°dm’°t°` "Poison" unless the word "Poison" appears conspicuously thereon, printed in 'phlain, uncondensed gothic letters in red mk. Sec. 8. at no person, firm, or corporation whose Ipermanent Fmqdugntbidwn allegiance is due to the United States seeking to procure m the consular °°°°°"°“’ °’ °°°‘ districts of the United States in China any substance the sale of which is regulated by the provisions of this Act shall make any fraudulent represeptations so as to evade or defeat the restrictions herein impose . Sec. 9. That eve erson, firm, or co oration whose permanent ’?°°°“’»°*°·· °' P*°· allegiance is due tloy tire United States Igwning, partly owning, or unpuomwmkwt managin a drug store or pharmacy shall keep in his dplace of busmess a suitabli book or file, in which shall be preserve for a. period of not less than three ears the original of every prescription compounded or dispensedy at such store or pharmacy, or a copy of such rescription, except when the reservation of the original rs required by section six of this Act. Uilon request the owner, part owner, or <‘¤ny¤<>¤¤f¤r¤i¤¤•<L manager of such store shall furnish to the prescribing physician, or to the person for whom such prescription was compoun ed or dis- _ ensed, a true and correct copy thereof. Any prescription re uired ,,,§*§§’,’,,?‘c;‘;;?_ by °°“‘ by section six of this Act, and any prescription for, or register olf sales of, substances mentioned in section six o this Act shal at all times be open to inspection by duly authorized consular officers in the consular districts of the United States in China. Notperson, firm, m§&¤;;#;jig;;8;g°§_; or corporation whose permanent allegiance is due to the nited States omg, ac. shall, in a consular district, compound or dispense any drug or drugs or deliver the same to any other person without markigg on the container thereof the name of the drug or drugs contain therein and directions for using the same. _ Sec. 10. That it shall be unlawful for any person whose permanent ,,,,Y§,§,f',{§}E,§’,{,*;,““,§j allegiance is due to the United States, not legally licensed as a phat- ¤¤¤S¤<i· ¤¤1¤wf¤1- macist, to take, use, or exhibit the title of pharmacist or licensed or registered pharmacist, or the title of druggist or apothecary, or any other title or description of like import. _ Sec. 11. That any person, firm, or corEration, whose permanent ,,,*?§,_,*j*s_’°**'°'***°"**· allegiance is due to the United States, vio ting any of the provisions