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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 75. 1915. 861 priated for herein an amount in excess of the sum herein appropriated therefor, nor shall the whole expenditures or obligations mcurred for all of such projects for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and sixteen exceed the whole amount in the "reclamation fund" for that fiscal year. Ten per centum of the foregoing amounts shall be available inter- ,,{§§§,§Yh“““°“b*° changeably for expenditure on the reclamation jects named; but not more than ten per centum shall be addedBl:> the amount apgropriated for any one of said projects. o work shall be undertaken or expenditure made for any lands, c,},;},’§§“‘{§’,’§,,,‘§§,,,{§‘g for_ which the construction charge has been fixed by public notice, wmwhrch work or expenditure shall, in the opinion of the Secretary of the Interior, increase the construction cost above the construction irxoeprm. charge so fixed; unless and until valid and binding cement to m‘2,§'§g':?°,,°§_ 'm‘ repay the cost thereof shall have been entered intoagiitween the ·‘”*‘·P·°87• Secretari of the Interior and the water right applicants and entrymen affected y such increased cost, as provided b section four of the Act ” of August thirteenth, nineteeen hundred andy fourteen, entitled "An Act extending the period of payment under mclamation projects, and ` for other purposes. ’ raormcrrorw or LANDS Arm rnormirrr IN rim mrnnrar. vaum, I“‘°°"""“°’·°"· canrrvomrra. For protecting lands and ro erty in the Im erial Valle and "‘“‘S· eaewime iing me Colorado itivir, wana are rmiie of the dilated i’=‘¥e2”’ °“ °°‘°"°° States, against in`ury or destruction by reason of the changes in the channels of the Colorado River, and the Secretary of the Interior is authorized to expend any portion of such money within the limits of the Republic o Mexico as he may deem proper in accordance with such agreements for the prupoee as may be made with the Republic of Mexico, $100,000, which sum shall be available for c°Qt‘§b“,’;,*’,‘§D‘;*{P§d‘°,*:} expenditure as soon as there shall have been paid into the Treasury, by contributions from the Valley irrigation district, an equivalent amormt to the c t of the Secretary of the Interior to constitute with the amount hereby appropriated the total sum of $200,000, to be expended by him for the purposes herein described. rasrmour IN nrsnAmmNr rnocamnmos. °‘“S°""‘°°°‘“‘ To enable the Secretary of the Interior to take testimony, and ,,§,’?"’°‘“‘°"‘*"°°°°"' prepare the same, in connection with_disba.rment proceedings instituted against persons charged with improper practices be ore the department, its bureaus and offices, $500, or so much thereof as may be necessary. Arasxa, mxrrmsms na. ’““"‘°"°““°‘ Alaska E 'nee Commission: For carrying out the rovisions c,‘°;$§f.‘§i,E{"‘“°°”’”‘ of the Act sliyilproved l\Iarch twelfth, nineteen hundred and) fourteen °°°-· (Thirty-eight Statutes, page three hundred and five), entitled am. p. xm. "An Act to authorize the President of the United Staten to locate, construct, and operate railroads in the Territory of Alaska, and for other purposes/’ to continue available until expended, $2,000,000. Cm mmm Insane of Alaska: For care and custody of persons legally adjudged insane in Alaska, including transportation and o er expenses, $70,000. _ _ Edwmm Education in Alaska: To enable the Secretary of the Interior, m ‘ his discretion and under his direction, to provide for the education and support of the Eskimos, Aleuts, Indians and other natives of Alaska; erection, repair, and rental of school textbooks and industrial apparatus; pay and necessary trave expenses