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876 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 75. 1915. P*¤1>¤¤¤*i¤¤ °*P°¤=¤¤· Propa ation of food fishes: For maintenance, equipment, and operations 0% fish-cu1lt;ural statiopsélgeneral propagation of food fishes d their distri ution inc u g movement maintenance, an ilélpairs of cars, purchase of equipment and ajiparatus, contingent expenses, temporary labor, propagation and 'stribution of freshwater mussels, and the necessary expenses connected therewith, not to 1eIxceedt$1;),(;100i, $350,000. t han b d d f h mk R¤¤¢¤¤¢i¤¤ ¤¤ ¤¤· o ar 0 the ore o amoun s e e n e or a mg or I hmm' lantiiig fish or eggs inuaginy State in whichfiiiethe judgment of the Secret of Commerce, there are not adeqpate laws for the protection ofuthe Eshes, nor in an_y State in whic the United States Commissioner of Fisheries and his duly authorized agents are not accorded full and free right to conduct fis -cultural operations, and all fishing _ and other operations necessary therefor, in such manner and at_such timhcisg as is considered necessary and proper by the said commissioner or agents. ¥¤¤¤*¤¤¤¤°° °' *'°¤· Maintenance of .vessels: For maintenance of vessels and launches sGllgoat,p.1151. including purchase and repair of boats, apparatus, machinery, and other facilities required for use with the same, hire of vessels, and all IBEW mpming otliplr necessary expen§es(%n£<;>1nnecIfion therewith, tig,000. f th _ qmry respecting oo es: orin uiryinto ecauseso e fm hes decreasedof food fishes in the waters tplf the United St8a1E!es,linvestiga(i tions an expe11m` ents in res act to e aquatic anim p ants an wzthqrs, in e interpsts of] gslg culture and pho fishery industries, in ding` e enses 0 trave an reparation o reports $40,000. $°·****°¤* ‘¤‘¤“*’Y- Statistieallpinguiryt For collection and compilation df statistics of the an the study of their msthaloldstirid relations, including trave an pre aration o reports an o er necessary expenses _ in connection £erewith, $7,500. $l’,§{‘,$,‘2§l,§‘,’fE,“,c"f‘“ Sponge fisheries: For expenses in protecting the sponge fisheries, including employment of insapectors, watchmen, and temporary assistants, lure of boats, rent of office and storage, care of seized A 692 sponges and otlaher property, gragelfnd pllxother Exfpenset; necessary ’·*¢»P· · to carry out the provisions o e ct o u t teen nineteen Masks swam hundred and fourteen, to regulate the spongle gsheries, @2,500. ,.gm,_ _ Alaska, General or dprotecting t_ e seal fisheries of Alaska, ,,°,fj*‘,§jg°§,”¤g{§$,§; mcluding the of foo , fuel, clotb.u;g, and other necessities ew. 0; life tpi the natryqs of tl? Plsiiibilgg Islands o }}laska,ltra;.nsportat1og. o supp estoan romt e` an egipenseso trave o a entsan other employees and subsistence ,w e on said islands, ghire and mamtenance of vessels, and for all expenses necessary to carry out V°‘· ”· ¥’· 3% the dprovisxons of the Act approved April twenty-first, nineteen hundre and ten, entitled "An Act to protect the seal fisheries of Alaska, and for other purposes, " and for the protection of the fisheries of Alaska, mcluding travel, hire of boats, employment of temporary labor, and all other necessary expenses connected therewith, $75,000. ,,,;'gQg°,,;,,,§,g_°°’ For payments to be made to Great Britain and _Japan under the terms of lartgcle elgen of the conventicip for fprlqtectilqn and preservation 0 the ur se an sea otters in `eu o t cir s are of sealskins V I 37 N4 for the yearly season of nineteen hundred and fifteen, and in accord- °· ·P~ ° · ance with the Act of August twenty-fourth, nineteen hundred and twelve, to give effect to the above-named c0nvcntion, $20,000. u§i°°““"*>’ Ha'*’°’¤ F1sh—cultural station, Boothbay Harbor, Maine:_ For purchase or

  • ~·=¤=H<>r¤¤=¢i<>¤L construction of vessels for the fish—cultural station at Boothbay

Lmmm Ky Harbor Maine, to be immediately available, $45,000. Addition it salem. Fish hatchery, Louisville, Kentucky: For addition to the Louisville, Kentuclig Hsherios station, including the construction of buildings Omgebing S C- and_pon , and for equipment, to be nnmediatel§ available, $20,000. Addition to mms. Fish hatchery, Orangeburg, South Carolina: or add1tion to tha Orangeburg, South Carolina, fisheries station, including the construc-