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SIXTY—THIR.D CONGRESS. Sess. III. Gus. 83-85. 1915. 953 or materials, which the navy yards, gun factories, or other industrial plants operated by the Navy Department are equipped to supply unless such Government plants areo rated approximately at therrfull capacity for not less than one reg·ul:i· shift each working day, except when contract costs are lex than costs in said Government plants, and except when said Govemment plants are unable to complete the work Prom withm the time required, and except in cases of emergpnc : Provided, No pst to emu, That no part of the appropriations made in this Act s alllie available $*{§;;s“§ni”E,§,'§*§f,‘,lgf for the salary or pay of any officer, manager, superintendent, foreman, P*°Y°°¤· or other person havinghclli arge of the work of any employee of the United States Govemment w e making or causing to be made with a stop watch or other time-measuring device a time study of any job of any such employee between the starting and completion thereof, or of the movements of any such employee while e ged upon such mh mmm, my work; nor shall any part of the aqpfopriations miidgpin this Act be mmm. available to pay or nus or cash reward to any employee in addition to regular wages, except for s¤.§cstions resulting rnimprovements or economyin the operation of ary vernment plant. Pumhwn mm That no part of any sum herein apiplropria shall be expended mm. ¤¤1¤bi¤•¢i¤¤S, for the purchase of structural steel, 'p plates,_ armor, armament, "°"’°'N°°°"‘ or machmery from any persons, firms, or corporations who have combined or conspired to monopolize the interstate or foreign commerce or trade of the United States, or the commerce or trade between the States and any Territory or the District of Columbia, in any of the _ articles aforesaid, and no purchase of structural steel, ship p ates, or R°‘°"°“°”°“P*?°°· machinery shall be made at a rice in excess of a. reasona le profit Non whim above the actual cost of manulfacture. But this limitation shall in armgegiimus. °` no case ap y to an existing contract. . That noppart of Zny sum erein appropriated under "Increase of mi»?£”Q§d?¤t:°3°m?.r°t the Navy" shall be used for the payment of any clerical, drafting, $;;€f"“"°‘“D°"“"' inspection or messenger service, or or the {pay of any of the other classified force under the various bureaus o the Navy Department, Washington, District of Columbia. _ That no part of any sum aplgropriated by this Act shall be used q,E,p§§*?§,°,‘§§l}°f,§°’]§',?' for any expense of the Navy? epartment at Washington, District P°*'¤¤¤¤*· of Columbra, unless specific authority is given by law for such expenditure. Approved, March 3, 1915. CH:P. 84.-An Act Ec extend the pmv;ici‘_usb of an Acttgptrged _"At:°:? to Miliihsiéiili

 8 {OI 811 811 ODI ,” 8 POV 9 H1 D\D6 D , Dlllé HD- ;*""**"'“"“"‘

grad and nine, to the State of Kansas. pp uy [P°w°° N°‘ m`] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United P bu I d States ty America in Uongress assembZed,_That the provisions of sec- E§_h,§e§°h§,g,md tions one to five, inclusive, of the Act entitled "An ct to provide for g':g;*S*j·“ °¤°¤°°°°° an enlarged homestead," Eptplroved February mneteenth, nineteen 36v¤1.g3si_p¢gss;37v¤r hundred and nine (Thirty- Statutes at Large, page six hundred 643 ’ ‘ 'P‘ and thirty-nine), as modified and amended, are hereby extended and P°"·P·°“· made applicable to the State of Kansas. Approved, March 3, 1915. GBA?. 85.-An Act To authorize the construction of a bridge acrom the Suwanec ¥¤E§l¤7?é»5g3i5~ River in the State of Florida. e it enacted the Senate and House 0 Representatives the United _ Sges of Amerieziry in Congress assembled, 'lliat the consent o¢ifCongress is ““"“"°° R‘“'· hereby given to the construction of a bridge across the Suwanee