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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 140. 1915. 965 To Dan Thomason, administrator of the estate of Joel Harrell, A,°,mc“i,§’,‘;,§°d°“”“ deceased, of W n Coimty, $1,190; ` To_ William A. thel, administrator of the estate of Martha Harrison, deceased, and Oliver P. Lister, of Jefferson Count , $399. To Joel G. , administrator of estate of Richard Hiigim, deceased, late of 'E-gounty, $8,965, to be distributed as fo ows: In equal parts to Mrs. abeth (as heir of Annie G. Higgins, deceased), to Joel G. Higgins, and rand Higgins, in full payment of stores and siapplies. To the leg representatives of Virginia A. Jones, late administratrix of Samuel J. Jones, deceased, late of Jefferson County, $6,950. To Richard D. _Lamb, for himself and as administrator of Ira M. Lamb, gunior, heirs of Ira M. Lamb and Caroline, his wife, both decease , of Phillips County, $2,166.67. To the Union Trust Conip3ny, administrator of the estate of Mary Lefevre, deceased, late of aski County, $5,842. To John B. Luttrell of Howard County, $480. To Ben Mahuren, of Benton Coun1i% $550. To Eleanor Maxwell, of Arkansas imty, $3,064. To Sue F. Carl-Lee, Nancy L. Frazier, and E. M. Carl—Lee, as administrator of Hem·y B. Mullins, deceased, of Monroe County, in equal shares, $1,995. To Jonathan Pigman, executor of Benjamin Pigman, deceased, late of Madison County, $1,570. _ _ To Maria Polk Johnston, James Polk, and Polk, Jumor, heirs of Burns Polk senior, deceased late of Phillips Coimtvy, $300. 00To J. Spake, formerly Mauurvia J. oss, of ohnson unt 80. To B. Rutherford, of Washington Coung, $890. To John T. Siiford, executor of the estate of ilham T. Stone, deceased, late of Ouachita County, $2,640. To Sarah Winter, of Ouachita County, $1 380. To Lillie L. Penrod, sole heir of Mary E. Wycough, deceased, late of Independence Countyf $700. _ _ To John Zillah and ary T. Goss, sole heirs of Joseph C. Zillah, deceased, of Washington County, $240. _ To the trustees o the Christian Church near old Austin, Lonoke Count , $550. To die trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, of Clarksville, $4,400. To the trustees of the Baptist Church of Dardanelle, $1,190. To the trustees of the First Baptist Church of Helena, $1 790. To the trustees of the Old School Presbyterian Church of Helena, $1,900. To the trustees of the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, of Lonoke County, $525. _ Eg the trustees of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Mount Co ort, $900. _ To the trustees of the First Baptist Church of Pme Bluff, $1,960, To the trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, of Pme Bluff, $1,300. _ _ To Mrs. V. R. Davenport, sole heir of Sidney Markham, deceased, of White County, $2,600._ _ To C. A. Jarreclioadmmistrator of the estate of Leroy Noble, deceased, of Polk unt , $740. _ To Anna F. Polk, Susgn H. Keesee, Anna Lee Pgppgr, Griselda H. Har aves, and Robin A. Polk, hens of Allen J. o , deceased, of Phillirps County, $14,280.