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978 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 140. 1915. A0¤¤¤¤*b|P{wdf‘*“¤= C0T1p1tJax;% Bishop, executrix of E. W. Bishop, deceased, of Phelps To Jlisgph Black, of Barry County, $235. To Sar Katherine Blue, executrix of the estate of Jesse M. Blue, deceased, and William Tra hber, administrator de bonis non of the estate of David Blue, umleceased, of Carroll County, in equal h $710. S TIES Boc}k§utk;1d Bookout, heirs of Sarah D. Bookout, d te n t $530. 6'(il>TW(51lg.i;m (R. Bicoyse, heirmatyiaw of Sterling M. Bcyse, deceased, f Co t $365. 0 To (ihe of Alexander Bradshaw, deceased, late of Jackson Co t $420. 'llii W. Brooks, son and heir of Isaac Brooks, deceased, of J hnso t $320. . OT0 Nlanmlld-` llscar W., John R., and Emma Cogswell, heirs of O. H. Co well, deceased, of Jackson County, $1 600. d To CHC? B1éndy ;rat0r of the estate oi Anselm L. Davidson, 0 unt , 600. 8'(i‘0<iL?lli>lin P. §1k8, of independence, $2,390. To the estate of Hugh G. Glenn, deceased, late of Cass County, $1,280. To the county of Greene, State of Missouri, $6,010. To Elijah B. Hammontree, administrator of the estate of John Hammontree, deceased, of Cass County, $425. To John B. Harrelson, administrator de bonis non of the estate of Nathan , ,1p§ Caislgounty, §,268. d Bod T Mary . an es tes u·s 0 anning arris lateoa resident of Mountain Grove, Missouri, $3,000. , cw ’ To Paschal Henshaw, of Clay _County, $187. To David Hockensmith, admmistrator de bonis non of estate of George W. Hockensmith, deceased, late of Cass County, $540. To Samuel E. Howell and James H. Howell, for themselves and as heirs of Mary Ann Thomas, deceased, and William T. Howell, deceased, of Vernon County, $1,350. · To W. W. Huffman, administrator de bonis non of estate of Jacob Huqityj d late <g Cass County, $1,020. 0 ac n unty 410. T0 Abram Jones, oi Barton County, $245. f'? H. Nt; aughni3executor of estate of Benjamin Kirk, deceased, ewton unt , 36. 0 aTS<;dArx;_a11;¢g; Lg)Livesay, administratrix of John W. Livesay, dece 0 t unty $816. $4To Philip Michael, soii of Philip Michael, deceased, of Barry County, 25. To Karoline Mulliaupt, of Jackson County $1,395. To Charles W. Munn, administrator of the estate of Mrs. E. S. Munn, deceased, late a resident of Barry County, $1,615. To Levi S. North, of Adair County, $490. $0 Paynle, late a resident of Cass County, $4,754. 0 un , ', $890. To Damlil K. Pd1lder,Edi”Rlilpley Conmty, $530. To Mary L. Cropper, Sallie Z. McCull0h, Dora Schmitt, and Belle gilson, sole heirs 0 Tillard and Sophia L. Ragan, deceased, of Cass ty, $2,970. T T10 B. Reich, of Ozark County, formerly of Obion County, essee, 115. 6'llii George W. J anua _, administrator de bonis non cum testamento annexo of estate of Wllil£8.Dr A. Ryan, deceased, late of Cass County, $1,260.