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1376 srxrv-Tmnn conennss. sm. II. GH. 219. 1914. H¤¤’*°'= B- GM The name of Harriet B. Gros, widow of Lewis Gros, late of Coxnipany A, Seventy-second Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, an pay her a pension at the rate of $20 per month in l1eu of that she is now rece1v1ng. S“**¥·’“*°*’°“· Th of S ah M. Mitchell, former widow of Charles Brock late oi Coagigany GfFi.fth Regiment Michigan Volunteer Cavalry, pyhcccip th f p th` li fthth a era ensmnat erateo $20 ermon m euo a s eis now r vmg. I·¤“¤¤D¤·*¤· Th fLa Drais lt fC A FirstRegiment Ohio Rfldllnllnlzegr Cam, and pa; thfin aopneiifdigi at the rate of $30 ~ »-· M Peters in ¥a.·: $*;.*1* an "*:amg· A S . 1. · ° · ‘ . ate o m any , 1X y— - ment Ple£:n:3yl)va1iia Volunt‘£i·PIn.fantry, and gay a pension at (tile rate of $30 per month in lieu of that he is now receiving. _ S“'"“" E‘m‘°' The name of Samuel E. Bish, late of Company H Forty-eighth Regtgnent Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, pay lnm_a_pension at e rate of $24 per month m heu of that he IS new receiving. _ "'“°‘ °'“"°'°' The name of James Crawford, late of Com any G, Eighteenth Reg1— "E°?$7Mi“°£IX§1“L*§’ i?fe’f.‘¥?i;.°1id¤%'$3'§.‘Q‘E1m‘ "§“‘°“ “° dw ’“°° o per in u . Efmm R' Tm The name of Je miah R. Thornton late of Company L Sixteenth to R “ t New Ydlgk Volunteer Hea , Artillery, and pay a penswn at the rate of $30 per month m eu of that he is now I'60B1VlIlg. ,,,Y,“?‘““‘ H' °”"°' The name of Williaxn H. Castleberry, late of Compilny E, Eighty- iilfth lllinois Vlplunlteer and pay _ a pension at _ t te $3 on in `uo a eisnowreceiving. Bgaggm E"“¤• Fill: ngme ofIlI¢1irI:Evaline Brown, helrplvess and dependent child of N"` Addison L. Brown, late of Company C, elfth Regiment Iowa Vol- 1.,,,,,,,, ,m.,,,,,,_ imteer Infantry, and pay her a ension at the rate of $12 {ker ¤¤¤¢z¤M·A¤<i¤¤¤¤· The name of George M. Angerson, late of Company , Thirty- gghth Regiment Iowa Vcilunteifr In§a31t1y,ha.nd pay im a pension at _ t $50 nt ° u o at e is now receiving. §e1s}=h§»¤@¤· ‘9l'h:Iffa(fne 0§i1g;ai’·IallnI(·laugllIii, $10%; elf Samueglglaught, latp of Cimauy , FE•.fty` · t Regiment `o o unteer antry, an pay er }’¤;¤g¤· i¤¢¤¤¤¤•¤· E gehnsion at the rate of $12 per month. _ _ ° °"' e name of John Herr, late of Compan C, Nineteenth Rtegiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry, and pay a pension at e rate =¤··· E M ¤*·~ °faf—31.° "°’ “°?“sl$“ B? ii t%Y?d1il6lSnOvfOrgcdving.B ea. 1. dred ““‘ ° enameo on . e e ateo mpany un and thirty-alixth Regiment Ohio Vé>luriteerg1€£s;ntg·y, and pay him a ension at e rate o $24 er mon in `eu 0 the is now receivin . J°h“H‘N°"”‘°' P The name of John H.PNorman, late of Companly C, Thirteengi Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Inf an and pay im a pension at the rate $30 per month in lieu of that ffeyis now recei ` Pension. VH?- H”"°Y“·"°°H°"’· The name of Harvey G. Van Horn, hel less and depen ent child of Lester G. Van Horn, late of Company I2, Fifteenth Regiment New York Volhunteer Engineers, and pay lsnm a pension at the rate of $12 0,,, in _ per mont Ilifgie L- g:'31- The name of Julia A. L. Brown, widow of Dewitt C. Brown, late of Company B, Eightieth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and pay er a pension at the rate of $20 per month m heu of that she 1S now receiving. A“‘“"'“A‘P““""‘ The name of Augustus A. Palmer, late of Com any K, Seco d Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Heavy AJ*til1ery?and pay himna Ca pension at the rate of $24 per month in lieu of that he is now receiving. °‘“"”°m’°“"' The name of Catharine Kistler, widow of Michael M. Kistler, late of Com any I, Forty-eighth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infan- 5 . . gyhan pay her a pension at the rate of $24 per month in heu of that e is now receiving.