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3D2? SIXTY-FOURTH· CONGRESS. Sus. I. C11. 209. 1916. "°'¤¤°"**¤ · _ · o nuxuu or xmas. _f,,°_,“°‘°‘ °‘P°“$°°· For eneral expenses includ; pay of the director and necessary 'M mktagts, clerks, and either emuployees, in the office at Washington, A»¢¢,am. District of Columbia, and in the field, and every) other_ exvpense requisite for and mcident to the general work of the ureau in ashington, District of Columbia, an in the held, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, $70,000;

 mm For investigation as to the cause of mine explosions, methods of

minmg, especially m relation to the safety of mmers, the appliances

adapteddt0$}i\·1ec§1ent accidents, the possible igiprovelment o§

con tions un er m.1nmg` operations are carrie on the use o explosives and ·electricity, the prevention of accidents,} and other ingumes audi teccihlpologicm investigations pertlilnent tg the minin§ mustryanm ding' uipmentsu `es,anexpenseso "'°°‘**°¢ ”*‘¤°’°* mild bSi:iumgfc,A$§4gr2lg%fi1eh; diunfinmhpli ed eral rod l _ 0l'l11V lga 011 H11!1_ iq.!} mm P uctg hi¤ii=¤¤i§¤¤¤=¤¤• ¤¤d•- belongmgto or for theuse of the United States, with a view to their most efficient mimng, preparation, treatment, and use, and to recommend to valilipus depapctinents such in selectiop and use of fuel as may res m_grea r economy m persona services in th bureau at Washington, District df Columgia, not in excess of th; number and_ tott;1Guc]¢;mpens(;nu01‘§ of those so employed during the fiscal year nme undre an thirteen' , and lI10l.Ud1D§- all equipment, supplies, and expenses of travel and subsistence, 135 000·

 _ For mq\}ilfi89 md 80i6¥1§ifl0 Mid li60l1110l0glc investigations concern-

°‘ ““"""· $$6 }¤11¤1¤g', !!:S1'6P¤·!‘¤t10}1, trc¤§l11eut,_and utilization of ores and and inmmeral susaftaincescgivicth a view to health congitions _ creasing e y iency, economic ve 0 ment - ' serving resources the`, prevention of zvastg in tli:1 minliiig, guarrymg, metallurgica ,_ and other_mmera1 industries; to inquire R,j"°"‘·"% into the economic conditions ad’ecting these industries: Pmvzded, , or an pa ereo k th d §£$§£‘},€?{° *E°’°§iin'f“’ b° “§’t°2if°’ ‘?§§"’°ig?i’“ i" b°""” °’ “"" gLl1£1e31u1(t·pdt1?ypla;;v1ito be done tcliatris lilorliveolbyaxnyodizhzr e u cserv1ce;au mu t ' PWM, umm in expxenses of travel, and subsistence, $100:(Jil§r0, Gqmpmm i Supplmsi. nemo; ol camps, 0l5_8X080dl¤g tW€=H|>y per centum of the foregoing sum and not exceeding ten per centum of the sum for investigation as to causes » 3i§§“£§§§§$2?&ii”?.%’ b° “"$ dwg "‘°§,’°§% ’°" “i“°*°°“ hw on _ _ __ person_serv1cesin 't'4;f 1 ·_ .,}`§.§,‘T°i}.,."L‘.?§‘,‘L‘.§“.§,‘} _ For mqumes and investigations concerning tli; gin;] 0;:;;:. tion, treatment, and utilization of petroleum and natural’gas with Shview to egononpc development, and conserving resources through e preven on o waste; to inquire into th d` ` —~·~ ·» me sms tbsdusiatn mc‘:$$·&0:q“2Pmt¤t iuglggixhigg tricl, ; S DOQ, , , 0 W t peer cetrgtung may be tied during tbz fislgal ;ea1?1ni]deIi1gen6h$1‘iz6drd1¢§ afiid .. , ven en orperson servmesmte istrit fCl b`. “°°lf% peznmmt For tim "mP1°Ym"“* °f E?"S°¤¤l $¤¤°Vi¢¢S ;¤g allooltlliieruiixpenses in · · ·` pgrnnection with the estab shment, maintenance, and operation of ee mining experiment stations, auth ri d b th gmljbmghy H Itfafrghv rglmettecn hunélred an<§1’xif1;e§pI,z§7l5,0ll0; 0 act approved _q pping ®tc.,6X- _ _ _ an mg 8_l'l I’8lHO_V 0 t 9 8 l} f th h

   Elxperiment Station and mstallation lin ltheonewcbuildingsrgn

1 s ung constructed under the authority contained in section twenty-six of the public buildings Act approved March fourth, ninefggigrhundrgiin and thniteen, including the employment of necessary

mac ery, app iances materials and li , f `t d

office equipment, cases for apparatus, shades,Sa1 auiildl aull-ibgler articles made necessary by such removal to fully equip and furnish