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312 SIXTY-FOURTH CON GBESS. Sess. I. C11. 209. 1916. F¤‘*l*¤*°l***•¤°•· as ma be directed by the Attorney General, per diem in heu of v°1'”’P`m` subsisgmce when allowed pursuant to section thirteen of the sundry civil appropriation Act approved August first, mneteen hundred and fourteen and including not to exceed $18,500 for necessary em- , • ployees at the seat of government, to be expended under the direckn I pm tion of the Attomey General, ${185,000. _ _ _ ,,,,,I‘f’,‘{°,,_°° ° Inspection of prisons and prisoners: For the inspection of United States prisons and prisoners, and for the collection, classification, and preservation of criminal identification records, and their exchange with the officials of State and other institutions, mcluding salary of the assistant superintendent of prisons, $2,500; m all, to be expended under the direction of the Attorney General, $10,000. _

'•‘» •*°·· **· 'l‘raw{eling anddmiscellaneous expenses
1For trzgehng and uptlier

sevi¤¤•u¤w•a. miseelaneousan eme en e ,mcu vaneesm e y the disbursing clerk, 1i§ithed’ approdgid by the Attorney General, to be expended at discretion, the provisiops of the first a.s.,¤•eaMs,p.ns. paragraph of section thirtysix hundred and forty-eight, Revised tatutes, to the contrary notwithstand1ngi1$7,500. _ mignming mmm I Eniorczeiment of agititrust lgcgmt e;:nf§ri:ement0pfIpnt1tr£;1s;•; _m_ laws, in uding no exceeding , r a aries ecess ml employees at the seat of government, $250,000: Provided, however, mf: W P*¤••¤¤**¤¢|" That no part of tlnsmoney shall be spentin the prosecution of any eannzuaom. ’ organization or individua for entering mto ansi combination or agreement having in view the increasing of wages, ortemng of hours or bettering the conditions of labor, or or any act done in furtherance thereof, not in itself unlawful: Provided further, That no part of this appropriation shall be expended for the prosecution of producers of ameaemeuamy farm products and associations of farmers who cooperate and organize °”·°"’· in an effort to and for the pplipose to obtain and maintain a fair and reasonable price for their p ucts.

’m¤¤¤*:‘¤si$sP<:-3; Suits affecting withdrawn oil lands: To enable the Attorney

,,,,,,,,&""""°" General to represent and protect the interests of the United States in matters and suits affecting withdrawn oil lands and for expenses in connection therewith, including salaries of necessary employees in Washington, District of Columbia, $65,000.

_ Fm Suits to set aside conveyances of allotted lands for removal of

smmmmm. restrictions, allotted lands, Five Civilized Tribes: For necessary expenses incident to any suits brougiht at the request of the Secretary of the Interior in the eastern u cial district of Oklahoma, to be expended under the direction of the Attorney General, $30,000. ,,,,§’;L",$,,"‘,°§,lT§f°'“°"° nforcement of Acts to regplate commerce: For e nses of repre- 36}’;{·;,*6;v,,g{$3%’·;;; senting the Government in a matters arising undcrxma Act entitled mi; ven. as, p.219. “An Act•to regulate commerce/’ approved February fourth, eighteen hundred and eightg—seven, as amen ed, including trave expenses, to be expended un er the direction of the Attorney Gend§, including Smlmhu t salaries of employees at Washington, $10,000. E,,,,,,,,,, ,,}°,,,""‘°,,_,°§; Suits affecting title to Seminole allotted lands in Oklahoma: For teeth;. necessary expenses incident to any suits brought, including the salaries of attorneys spemally employed to set 8S1d6 illegal convey- ances of Seminole allotments to protect the possession of Seminole allottecs in their allotted lands, or in the rosecution of any criminal proceedings based on frauds erpetrateg upon Seminole allottees with respect to their allotted? lands, to be expended under the od I (_ direction of the Attorney General, $7,500. ,,§,,§§‘,, D,§§§_ M Federal Court Reports and Digests: For one hundred and eighty copies of continuations of the Fe eral Reporter, as issued, estimated at eight volumes per year, to continue sets now furnished various officials, at $2 per volume, $2,880, for one hundred and eighty copies of Volume Ten, Federal Reporter Digest, $900; in all, $3,780.