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LIST OF PUBLIC ACTS AND RESOLUTIONS. vii ° , River. An Act ting e consent of Congrm to nterstate ridge Company Bridge Jl Gran th I B Pm. toconstruct bud` geacrossliississi 'River. March20, 1916... 37 Publi}: building, Calumet, Xie}:. An Act or excepting all ores or minerals on the lands, with the right of sg: same, on the site of the proposed post-oflice building at Calumet, 37 Michigan. March , 1 . . _ , . . , o Bridge ilemmack Rwer An Act Granting the consent of Congress to the city of Lowell c unty of

 State of Massachusetts, to construct a bridge across the Merrimack River. March 37

nm, eral ¢1»ee.§C"Xfi&i‘i6 §rHréirHééééa2»§amy` " ` iiiiriind ```` ni &}Z»i·£§I¤if6f£11é ‘ ` siliiiiié gf the Unitoid States as gind amended by Act of February twenty-third, nineteen 37 un an nme. . ... Hawaii publicntilities commission: kn Act To opprove, and confirm an act duly enacted by the Legislature of the Territory of Hawaii ting to certaur gas, electnc lrght lI1d£1WQ!', telephone, railroad, and street railway co and franchises m the Territory of wau, and amending the laws relating thereto. 28, 1916 . . .. 38 Hawaii, harbor commissioners. An Act To ratify, ?» rove, and confirm sections one, two, and three of an act duly enacted by the 0 sie Territory of Hawaii relatintghto the board of hharbor commissicérgerogog the Territory, as herein amended, and amending e laws relating 39 4 0prnat' ask dream "f"ii{lf£`Mskm ```` · ````'```` "{1 '``' ii, `'`'`' 1 '``` pp? urgent d in for the fis1g)F1;eI;i.h·1}lnii)11e:;Bteen andusixteen and 41 prior yearn. , .. . .. . ..., A_propnah wgenzdejieiencies . ADA¢tM&k1Dg- 'tionstosu urgentdefi- 0 45 six . . . Port McHenry, Hd. _ Jog; To cedeto theIState oi jurisdiction over 46 certain lands in s enry Military .. Bridge Tennessee River. An To authorize the New Oileans and Texas Pacific llailway Company to rebmldand reconstrnct, maintarn,_and operate a bridge acrom the

 River near Chattanooga, m Hamilton County, in the tate of Tennesee. April 47

seamless iififpezon °'``’ Yuan " ' Z` `ié%`éZ»i&e¤m` 'g` §¤mn' " `·&i6f6i'£ié'c6&}E“6:' " ` it hear, determine, and render gudgment in claims of the Simeton and Wahpeton bands of Sioux Indians against the United tutes. April 11, 1916 ... --- 47 New Gray An Act o create an additional judge in the district of New erse . p , 48 Indian land; Arizona, etc. An Act To among an igict ontitled "An Actjor the reliiag of Igxoéas occnp railroad lands m Anzo ew California, proved arch mem] uirumrma we inseam. Kim 11, 19l:?;.(E. i li .. 2 ’ 48 Bnklge, Susquehanna River. An Act To authorige the Shamokin, Sunbury and Lewisburg Railroad Company, its lessees, succesms, and assigns, to construct a bridge across the Susquehanna River from the borough of Sunbury, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, to Monroe _ Townsln , Snyder County, Pennsylvama Aprxl 11, 1916 .. Z .. _ .. 48 Bridge Susqwlgnna Rwer, west _ . An Act To authorize the Catswissa Railroad Company, its lessees, succesors, and asrgns to construct a bridge across the west branch of the Susque- _ hanna River from the Borough of Milton, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, to the _ Borough of West Milton, Union County Pe lvauia. April 11, 1916 ... 49 Bridge, Missouri River. An Act Authorizing the Flgkyton County Bridge Company, a co tion, to_ construct and maintain a bridge or bridges and Brxroaches thereto across thdgktm garolrlot ogpgint between Yankton County, South ota, and Cedar County, Nebraska. 49 p , .. . . Publi}: lands, _Riveraide_ County, Cal. An Act To exempt from eancellatim oerhin desert-land _ entnes m Riverside County April 11, 1916 ... . . 49 Pans, Tex., {vs eujerers. An Act To authorize the Se¢:retaryP¢£:Var to suppl tents for temporary irislodolitilioiopfqemhomdwmcemumdagadmm ','l‘exas,and forotherpnrposes. 50 H-} .4¤¤zemy’ . new '``'` iv2'ii%¢§s"`iiéfii»m-ur ````` ."Zr"` {rom ```` f%i"`f}i{¤¤zr¤g"""`£1i"se¤e '````````` 2 ar to receive for insuudtionyat the United Sgiintes Militliiryoicagemy, at es: Pointtalityeigé _ W. Pmté Wentworth, a citizen of Cuba. April 11, 1916 ... 50 Bridge, Wabash . An Act To authorize the reconstruction of an existing bridge amos the _W¤bash River at Silverwood, in the State of Indiana. April 13, 1916 50 Americalg poél Letters. An Act Incorporating the American Academy of Arts and 51 rs. , . .. Badge, Flint River. An Act Granting the consent of Congrem to the cormty of Mitchell, or to the county of Baker, both of the State of Georgia, sctingglointly or sroparate y, and their succesom _ and assigns, to construct abridgo across e Flint 'ver. Ap 17, 1916 .. 52 B"•d9&B.lfon0nguheZa Rwer. An Act To authorize the city of Fairmont to construct and operate a

 River at or near the city of Fairmont, in the State of West 52

¤’G¤¤k , . . Q"!I“¤*¤¢¢•oBei—sarn¢]•ailor•’ grave:. Joint Resolution Toeontinue inefiectthe provisions of the . ·N$<>f¥¤~ch_mntb, Agil 17, 1916 . ... .. 52

.PAnAotGrmut:g¤mmcosnt$ ngrsntogxzoiinty  

ennsy vama, constru a ndge acres siren c in NWUQH of Warien, county of Warren, in the State of Pennsylvania. pri? 21, 1916 .. 53