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502 SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 314. 1916. _ R · df 1,,,,,,,5,;;,0];,;.5* utensi1schai1s,tables andother ‘ tgeumcadet l)!1¤§8»¢§D ¥'°l;l%°°m°”t of ’;’·m°> t° bs ded without adv to be immediately available, $2,600; ex£_en _ ertnsmg, runs;. or the li of barracks and bathhouses, $11,260; °""""“"°”` l F°"’“” tl1s“¤15a»m¤d 1** f“‘$“'f, ‘3“§°‘“’ *’"t§33l“2’$1°?°»ié ¤¤¤¤*•¤'=¤°¤¤°*· ·Forma1nf si,99 _¤P¤¤¤ °¤ Military `authmizedgto employ the necessary teachers,

4320- .- 1 — ·  »_ _ _ · .

ruepmwcm. p·0,·ii,u;#ch¤s6 and repair atpP¤¥°¤tF¤» Sgooqi

 1 ,Promded, That section     <>¤'l¢Y·¤¤8hl§» 0**189*1

n.s.,¤•¤.a••,p.·m. Statutes, ghalinet ap ly tosubscrlpttom for fo , profwsional, and thernews ami) 'odicals, to be paid for irom any of the fore- ¤_ _ _ PWM? Pm .

 F·PP¤?P¤¤l¤°¤¤S   » J · {   ~ · .

Buildings and ii i _ L I J GROUEDB. I _ i Z ,,,,,,,,,,,,,°""""°° "‘°“'°"‘· F cases i teriails '1ittmgs' , fixtures and; other applmn'"' cesand imi re for cirrgdnce miiseum m headquarters building, 1,500;_ ,.,;.,, 1 c 1 thegr repairs to otrdriglnce laléigtory and other bu11d.1@ » artmtoo'aneepgunn‘,an orro_an_ wsilkgpand fg}; repairs to aiid tools, @@0; . __ F°‘ g°‘*?1'“H§1°p°i" “’ "]*£¤0°3‘Z°{‘,.}?¤‘?i’.§?}}>’“¤§'6‘i’1?g’ “%‘Zi°$£2?.‘;°5£ gency mei en expenses. , xpen ad , $400; ,, Iior gelggral incidental repairs and improvements to the cadet store 1 X , _ storerooms, officq, tailorpshops, and shoe-repairing ¤·e¤<¤·¤*¤¤·¤¤¤¤- materials and labor ferr, air¤.v—a11e¤1ti<ms. and additiem needed "*`` ed 1; the ldi ’ 11 itsi1,_,iil?i)ollevvs: " ’ ’ _ i ‘PurcI?ase ofsgmtglrle igdpandescent 1’hts,_drciplights,_ tubing, mantels, and so forth; for paraffin and turpentme or waxing floors; for brushes, paints, glass, putty, and for eneral regains; for materials for reb radiators; and for purcghase of owers, fruit trees, ronzing _ orenerreaus e ,anso , , .· “"§.—“'”* "'“"?.1"’ “”‘* °°t£°€ih‘ {?£13{’.?§‘°“f'°"£.‘}";s’§$5{92 20 For ihe repairpand upkeep of quarters of the sergeant, first class, Hospital Corps at soldiers’ hospital: For miscellaneous mmor repairs

$g§r51£6rplreep of quarters, and so forth, and putting on new tm

w°°"""“· lldr waterviorksz For maiptenance and operation of the lilter beds, reservoirs, and pipe hnes, mclud1ng_ the tools, nnsslements, and materials required therefor; and for policing the groun and re airingltgie rtciizds in vicinigyggg the reservogrsrélfilters, and inttike Kam, an or e pro on an orcement o es to protect e water 1 , $2,500° °'“*"“""· Sugidiyneeemary re airs and replacements in steam-heaf s tem and steam lines and) cooking alpiparatus, cadet mess, $300;mg ys For repairs to cadet mess b $2,000; · _ For repairs and unprovements to the West Pomt Army mess build- _ including supplying and renewing furniture $1,029; °"*" *’°°"'“L hosqsjaiiepaissum necessary alterations and additions to the cadet 1 , as o ows: BP i terialsforreb diato d ` ; te'a1f -

 ¤00m€°““‘*@ ’?ées§§§?e§é%‘§§e?”£0§“¤gh&fX;§§.

te , tu ; for carpets, furniture, and appliances; for repairs of dalmaged articles, triad for miscelglaneous $120; orrp'tin cenf mt fft b" , d airing and rebiiiitllling §:¤.imneys:I:325&; mo 0 0 dwg an mp For purchase of flowers and shrubs for hospital grounds, $100; For mstalling fire escape at cadet hospital, $350;