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640 SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 418. 1916. Arm f li ts f list t and of prisoners of war_ and glhtlir? persgnsl) iilplmgilgry (cliigllodymdi? confinement, when enfdtled m' treatrnent thereto by law, regulation, or contract: Provzded, ffhat thtis aha {5; ¤¤¤v¤¤<r appdy to officers enlisted men who are treated m priva e ospi d cmugim deems Oi- y civilian physicians while on fm·lou§h; for the proper OMB an °x°°°°°°' treatment of epidemic and contagious iseases m the Army or at £'i““`? .£'$*`2t‘Z$ °’X”,il}§’,‘2?é }.l°1mm“°“‘§.i’32°’d“”mrg‘§s '3.'§Z?.‘££6m°h°-SS5“§??£ vided for, for bedding and clothing injured or destroyed in such prevention· for the pay of male and female nurses, not including the Nurse Cbrps (female) and of cooks and other C1V1l1&l’1S employed for the pmper care of omoers and soldiers, under sucl:1 reigulations iixin eir number, qualifications, assignment, pa an a owances as sliall have been_er shall prescribed by the Qcretary of War; for the pay of civilian physicians employed to examine physically applicants for enlistment and enlisted men, and to render other profemional services from time to time under foroper authority; for the pay of other employees of the Medical epartment; for the yment of eigpress companies and local transfers employed du·ectly by the Medic Department for the transportation of medical and hospital supplies, including bidders’ samples and water for analysis; for supplies for use m teachingthe art of cooking to the Hospital ¤,Hf,,f"’”·F’ H°"" Corps; or the su ply of the Army and Nayy Hospital at Hotgprmgs, ’ Arkansas; for B(l)VE1‘l»lSlIlg, prmtmg,_bipdpig, algd rto thegr miscellaneous expenses 0 e c epa_ men , '*`°”*P°*'•'Y’*"'P““"· 24,500 ergo, of which sum $500,000 may be used under the direction M mm ,,,?,,,,,,, of the Secretarycpf in 1}helprectil<;n ori rental of hrloipiitals ninpi-nw cue- th anseerotesic an m :· , 8.30

§12°il,p. in. iiiiich lhfulzliee Act of dune third, nineteen and sixteen, as

relates to th§{§p lhmgofor eligibility tip appomtrlnent og fiilgst lieutents' th `c artmento te y e,an tesameis uml '°' E"? "°"Z hgrebui rec led: Pmviged further, That after january first, nineteen tenants mad hirty Y PB8 . . . . . . . . ¢··<>» mr ¥¤¤¤·¤ ¤· undred and e hteen the maximum e limit for bihtv to Im kppointment oflgirst lieutenants in the §edical Department of the Arm h llbethirt -two ears. $g°,$,{,{,‘;°g,h,,,,,,, Hgsimsn cme, (lass:. been euuusons: For paying the Panama ¢•re,¤¤•=-.¤¢¤¤iw¤¤ Canal such reasonable chargesf, exclusive of subsistence, as_may be 38li'!}§f"§3°m€Z,1€”$?i{t$y ,Y£2¤f§£,°Z§‘§ii§lu£ §‘.§2‘iL§T§2Sf2i the Army admitted thereto upon the request of proper military authority: Provided, That the subsistence of the said patients, except commissioned officers and acting dental surgeons, shall be aid to said hospitals out of the appropriation for subsistence of the Krmy at the rates progdledl thereilgi for commutation of rations for enlisted atients in gen ospita , $45,000. ¤¤¤¤¤m Amrrgisnicu. Musmm sim Lmnanr: For Army Medical Museum, preservation of specimens, and the preparation and purchase of new pec1m` ens, $5,000; Library. S For the library of the Surgeon General’s office, including the purchase of the necwsary books of reference and periodicals, $10,000. B·a¤§¤ of hmlv nunmu or msnman arrams. mggmtgltymfggg Cane or rxssrrr: Frnrrrxo sonpmns: For care, maintenance, and pines. treatment at asigums m the Philippine Islands of insane natives of the Philippine ands cared for in such institutions conformable to thehAct o_ Corgfzrtgsssappmved May elevelpth, nineteen hundred an;} eig t <’I'h.u·ty- tatutes, page one undred and twenty-two , $1,500. 1¤P¤·¤> Riw- Cans or insure sommns, Poaro Rico Rnemnm- or INFANTRYZ For care, maintenance, and treatment at asfylums in Porto Rico of insane soldiers of the Porto Rico Regiment o Infantry, $300.