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868 SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cris. 18-20. 1917. P·¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤§ W ¤¤· or which he may be authorized to divert hereunder. Any such per- °m°rmmmum` mittee who without further authority of Congress diverts after the time herein named for the expiration of such permit any part of the additional amount of water, authorized by Congress to be diverted for the Erst time under this resolution, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and be punished by a fine not exceeding $2,000 nor less than $500, or by imprisonment not exceeding one year nor less than thirty days, or both m the discretion of the court; and each and every day on which such violation occurs or is committed shall be deemed a ,“Cg°§;§é"§,§_S_ separate offense: Provided, That where such violation is charged against the company or corporate body, the offense shall be taken and deemed to be that of any director, officer, agent, or employee of such company or corporate body ordering, directing, or permitting the same. Approved, January 19, 1917. ’*¤¤=¤;}_°·‘°"· cnn. io.-Join 1 sen rmviam smile sum of www which wurocem

 March first, nineteeri Eriiiodiled and seventiien, in the Biard of Reggnts of the Smith-

Wm B°¤·· N°· *“-I sonian Institution, of the class other than Members of Congress. . . . Resolved b the Senate and House 0 Re esentatives of the United uiiimmum mum States of Aniizrica in Congress assemliled, iirhat the vacancy in the mg? Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution, of the class other than Members of Congress, which will occur on March first, nineteen hrmdred and seventeen, by reason of the expiration of the term of Mr. John B. Henderson, of the city of Washington, be Hlled by the rcappointment of the said John B. Henderson or the ensuing term. Approved, January 19, 1917.

°¤f§T§7zEg_}m7' 20.-An Act To provide for an auxiliary reclamation project in connection

-————— wrththe Yuma project, Arizona. [Public, No. 293.] I M H Be it enacted by the Senate and House o Re esentatives o the United pr§wAri¤¤¤¤. States of America in Congress assembled; Thht the Secrejtary of the m§’:,l°,‘,i°g,,L,,°“[“’“““‘ Interior is hereby authorized to set apart any lands in the State of Arizona heretofore or hereafter withdrawn under the reclamation law, in connection with the Yuma reclamation project, as an auxiliary reclamation {project or unit, and sell, in tracts of such size as he may determine 0 not more than one hundred and sixty acres to any one purchaser, the lands so set apart and believed to be susce tible of irrigation, at public sale under suitable regulations, for not l)ess than the reasonable value per acre of the land plus the estimated cost per acre of reclamation works to be constructed for the reclamation of W _ said lands so set apart plus the proportionate cost per acre of the v,,,'f,t.‘1',,§§¥’°’ ‘° P"' works previously constructed and available therefor. That appmtenant water rights for lands in private ownership may be sold for not to exceed one hundred and sixty acres to any one person at a price cgual to the estimated cost per acre of the works to be constructed ‘ p us the proportionate cost per acre of the works previously constructed and available for the lands, if an there be, payment to be (Rudman made under the same terms as for public land under the provisions of section two. Final water—right certificate shall not be issued to such pgivate land until payment has been made in full. No works shall, constructed nor water delivered thro h any of the works of the uma project for the irrigation of any suldli private lands tmless of application has been made to purchase a water right for such land ¤.2°',,w_"‘l°‘°°“ under the terms and provisions of this section. The Secretary of the