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sixTY-FoURTH coivonnss. sms. 1L ca. 29. 1917. 889 ]ected al1en_1s helpless from sickness, mental or physical disability, or infancy, if such alien is accompanied by another alien whose protection or guardianship is required by such rejected alien, such accompanying alien may also be excluded, and the master, agent, owner, or consignee of the vessel in which such alien and accompanying alien are brought shall be required to return said alien and accompanying alien in the same manner as vessels are required to return otléer rejectieg aliens. D0 nc. 19. at at any time within five ears after ent an alien °"’ ‘"°‘“‘ who at the time of entry was a member olf one or more $i’at’21..ssS ¤ °i’i:g` excluded by law; any alien who shall have entered or who shall ' be found in the United States in violation of this Act, or in violation _ of any other law of the United States; any alien who at any time ‘°°°"’h"°"’°‘°‘ after entry shall be found advocating or teaching the unlawful destruction of property, or advocating or teaching anarchy, or the overthrow by force or violence of the Government of the United States or of all forms of law or the assassination of public officials; any alien who within five years after entry becomes a public charge from causes not ailirmatively shown to have arisen subsequent to landing; except as hereinafter provided, any alien who is hereafter °°'"*°“’· °"°· sentenced to imprisonment for a term of one year or more because of conviction in this country of a crime involving moral turpitude, committed within five years after the entry of the alien to the United States, or who is hereafter sentenced more than once to such a term of imprisonment because of conviction in this country of any crime involving moral turpitude, committed at any time after entry; any w;{,§’,‘Z,E}Y“’°’· P"' alien who shall be found an inmate of or connected with the management of a house of prostitution or practicing prostitution after such — alien shall have entered the United States, or who shall receive, share in, or derive benefit from any part of the earnings of any prostitute; any alien who manages or is employed by, in, or in connection with any house of prostitution or music or dance hall or other place of amusement or resort habitually frequented by prostitutes, or where prostitutes gather, or who in any way assists any prostitute or protects or promises to protect from arrest any prostitute; any alien who shall import or attempt to import any person for the purpose of prostitution or for any other immoral purpose; any alien who, after being excluded and deported or arrested and deported as a prostitute, or as a procurer, or as havinfg been connected with the business of prostitution or importation or prostitution or other' immoral purposes in any of the ways hereinbefore specified, shall return to and enter the United States; any alien con- ·4¤¢¤.r·.m. victed and imprisoned for a violation of any of the provisions of section four hereof; any alien who was convicted, or who admits the commission, prior to entry, of a felony or other crime or mis- _ demeanor inv0lVlIlg m0l’Hl tlIl'pltUCl€§ at any time Within three Years anlliliiiiixlgiiittilsiiigil-°y_y°·'° after entry, any alien who shall have entered the United States_by water at an time or place other than as designated by immigration ofiicials, or gv land at any place other than one designated as a port of entry fory aliens by the Commissioner _General of Immigration, or at any time not designated by immigration officials, or who enters without inspection, shall, upon the warrant of the Secretary of IJ{ll)()[', l)B taken into custody and deported: Provided! the mar' not in lg; riage to an American citizen of a female of the sexually immoral ¤¤¤1¤¤¤¤¤ ¤H¤m¤1¤· classes the exclusion or de ortation of which is prescribed by this Act shall not invest such female with United States citizenship if the marria e of such alien female shall be solemnized after her arrest or afier the commission of acts which make her liable to deportation under this Act: Prmrirled further, That the provision of E"’°‘°‘P'*"*“'“· this section respecting the deportation of aliens convicted of a crime