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srxtrr -FOURTH couonnss. Sess. II. oa. 29. 1917. 893 to have violated section eight of this Act and u n con `cti -****:1*- 880- be subject to the penaltytherein prescribed: Propviided f·•ii·tlu;i: 'lsllfaii ,;I5',‘,'£,,$'°°p{,,,Z,_°““°°° for the purpose of ina ing effective the provisions of this section relating to the protection of aliens from fraud and loss, and also the provisions of section thirty of this Act, relating to the distribution P°”’°8°5‘ of aliens, the Secretary of Labor shall establish and maintain immigrant_stations at such interior places as may be necessary, and, in the discretion of the said Secretary, aliens in transit from ports of landing to such interior stations shall be accompanied by immigrant D, . I mspectors: Provided further, That in prescribing rules and making ¤¤1¤¤.m, folt:l>(illlsd¤1rm contracts for the entry and inspection of aliens applying for admission from or through foreign contiguous territory, due care shall be exercised to avoid any discriminatory action in favor of foreign transportation companies transporting to such territory aliens destined to the_Un1ted States,_and all such transportation companies u§gg’n§_“°¤§** *°¤· shall be required, as a condition precedent to the ms tion or exami· mq ` nation under such rules and contracts at the ports ofxiiiich contiguous territoriy of aliens brought thereto by them, to submit to and comply with a the requirements of this Act which would apply were the _ bringing such aliens directly to seaports of the United States, and: u¤c§°°Q‘ii*i.aii”ii1¤¤»°°r1'iii$ from and after the taking eifect of this Act, no alien applying for °°"’*¤“°“·‘* °°°¤“‘*¤- admission from foreign contiguous territory shall be permitted to enter the United States unless upon proving that he was brought to such territory by a transportation company which had submitted to and complied with all the requirements of this Act, or that he entered, or has resided in, such territory more than two years prior .t0 the date of his application for admission to the `United States. Src. 24. That immigrant inspectors and other immigration officers, i¥,'§’§£°t§,i?,§§°§€T,*?j clerks, and employees shall hereafter be appointed an their compen· ‘md°*' civil MMM lewsation fixed and raised or decreased from time to time by the Secretary of Labor, upon the recommendation of the Commissioner General of Immigration and in accordance with the provisions of wuz m the civil-service Act of January sixteenth, eighteen hundred and I _ ’°` ' eighty-three: Provided, That said Secretary, in the enforcement of Exceptionfor emmthat portion of this Act which excludes contract laborers and induced ‘,§’,§,$,';“,(§,Q‘;f”'“*’°‘»°°**· and assisted immigrants, may employ, for such purposes and for detail upon additional service under this Act when not so engaged, without reference to the provisions of the said civil-service Act, or to the various Acts relative to the compilation of the Official Register, such persons as he may deem advisable and from time to time Hx, \ I raise, or decrease their compensation. He may draw annually from ,,{d‘{,‘,2‘,§§,},,§_‘ ’°’““°° the appropriation for the enforcement of this Act $100,000, or as much thereof as may be necessary, to be expended for the_salar1es and expenses of persons so employed and for expenses incident to , E such employment; and the accounting officers of the Treasury shall pass to the credit of the proper disbursrng officer expenditures from said sum without itemized account whenever the Secretary of Labor certilies that an itemized account would not be for the best interests C my mm of the Government: Provided further, That nothing herein eontained ,,,,E‘L“,,,,,,_"”‘“" ` shall be construed to alter the mode of appointing commissioners of nwwt •>¢¢·· immigration at the severalports of the United States as provided by vet 2s. p. sei. the sundry civil appropriation Act approved August eighteenth, eighteen hundredfand mnetygfgur, or the official status of such commis ioners hereto ore a 01n e . . .

 25. That the digtgict courts of the United States are hereby  

invested with full jurisdiction of all causes. civil and criminal, arising mhgiuomy om under any of the provisions of this Act. That it shall be the duty of the United States district attorney of the proper district to prosecute everv such suit when brought by the United States under this Act. Such prosecutions or suits may be instituted at any place in the