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918 SIXTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Crrs. 62, 63. 1917. the Secretary of the Treasury: Prmnkled f urther, That where the con- °°'*’°'““°'“· tractor was a corporation or quasi corporation which has since been merged in or consolidated with another corporation or quasi corpora- Mmm , f tion, payment shall be made to the corporation or quas1 corporation _ mm "’ °°‘ “* with which the consolidation or merger has been made: mmded further, That it shall be unlawful for any agent, attorney, firm of attorneys, or any person engaged_é1ei·etofore og hereafter in preparing presenting or prosecuting san c aim to_ c arge or_rece1ve more thaii twenty centum of the amount herein appropriated in satisfaction of the c aim. Approved, February 14, 1917. ’i%’T‘i{?3i§ilS"‘ cr-mr. ce.-an Aa To mma meson forty-four hundred me smyam of the

  • · —· Revised Statutes of the United States, relating to number of ngers to be stated

[Public No 318] . . . . . Fw'? ’ ' in certificates of mspection of passenger vessels, and secuon orty-four hundred and dxty-five of thigevgsed Statutes of the United Statis, prelscribiiing for ro passeugmonpasseugervesse ,an sec on o -om· un r a¤:<(l6s?¥t;jhixu]?•f the Revised Statutes of the United States, relating to special permits for excursions on passenger steamers. · _ Be it enacted by the Senate and H ouae of Representat*£oe.s of the United

‘f"”’°°""" States of America in Oongreas assembled, That section fortg-four

hundrei arid sixty-four pllgghe Revised Statuiiesil of the United tates be an is ereb amen so as to as o ows: ,,,,‘§,',,’_§§* §°S,,,;,‘;,,,§;’g,§§ i‘Sr:o. 4464. The board of local insgigctors shall state in every vlgmgchch MM P. certificate of inspection granted to vesse C8.]g`l11g§8.SS6I1gBI'S, other scmmémisa ’ than ferryboats, the number of passengers eac class that any such vessel has accommodation for and can carry with prudence and D°°‘°““°°'“"““’°’· safety. _They shall report their action to the supervising inspector of the district, who may at any time order the number 0 suc passengershde<{)reasn¢;d, his reasons tiheliiefcir in writing, anél there; upon the oa o oc mspectors s a c ange the certi cate o inspection of such vessel to conform with the decision of the su er- ,,,,*}°,,,§’f""'*"°'°m“" ynsing insppctor. Whenever the allowance of assengers shallpbe increased y any board of local inspectors such increase shall be reported to the supervising mspector of the district, together with the_reasons therefor, and such increase shall not become effective until the’ has been approved in writing by the supervising ms tor. E"’°” °““""g"”· 2. That section forty-four hundred and sixty-five of the Revnszd Staituteia Hf the United States be, and is hereby, amended _ soasorea asoows: ,,,§°,,°{,‘§}f" '°"“"‘*“"‘· "S1=:o. 4465. It shall not be lawful to take on board of an vessel whggnxg 4*65. r>· a greater number of passengers than is stated in the certificate of ’ inspect1plni1e:)ndHf<& every violation of thi? prcllvision the master or owner s a e a e to any person suing or the same to forfeit the amoiént 05 pasgage money and $10 for each passenger beyond the num er a owe . hZ,‘$,',§§‘,“,¥§‘,‘{,‘§,§,,Q_°' "'l`he master or_ owner of the vessel, or either or any of them, who shall knowingly violate this provision shall be liable to a fine of not rgiocziileythan $100 or imprisonment of not more than thirty days, or E"”‘”’°“ '°”"'** Sec. 3. That section forty-four hundred and sixt -six of the Revisid Staézutes} <i{ the United States be, and is hereby, amended soas yorea as o ows: ,,.,,,S¥’°°'*“,,g,,,1"°,,.E’”",,,,,"°’°*‘ "Sao 4466 H an · · n . . . _ y passe er vessel e th beg S., sm of local mspectors shalllg issue to sugliatgezielnazljrililhizlomhmti Mmmm m writing, for the occasion, in which shall be stated the additional number of passengers that may be carried and the number and kind