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CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS OF CONGRESS. SECOND SESSION, SIXTY—FOURTH CONGRESS. JOINT MEETING. D¤¢<·>m`¤¤f 4, 1916· . .n .,N . . Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), [H COD Bl 0 621 That the two Houses of Congress assemble in the Hall of the_ House t,;l§‘}“fo$§,?t{’,§g,§§,E*$§ of Representatives on Tuesday, the fifth daiy of December, mneteen ggg¤¤I§m¤¤¤;li§2:j€m frm hundred and sixteen, at one o’clock in the a ternoon, for the purpose ` of receiviglig such communications as the President of the United States sh be pleased to make them. Passed, December 4, 1916. INAUGURAL COMMITTEE. D°°°¤¤`¤°¤' 7, 19l6· Resolved by the Senate (the House ey Representatives concurring), [S`C0n`R€S°N0`?7`] That a joint committee, consisting of three Senators and three Repro- ,°I§,?§§,‘;,',?,§,§§‘dY’“"“ sentatives, to be appointed by the President of the Senate and_the Speaker of the House of Representatives, respectively, is authorized to make the necessary arrangements for the inauguration of the President-elect of the United States on the fifth day of March next. Passed, December 7, 1916. HOLIDAY RECESS. December 20, HM- , Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), [H`Cim`R8S"N0`67`] That when the two Houses adjourn on Friday, December twenty- H°“‘”‘Y‘°°°‘*” second, nineteen hundred and sixteen, they stand adjourned until twelve o’clock meridian, on Tuesday, January second, nineteen hundred and seventeen. Passed, December 20, 1916. FUNERAL OF ADMIRAL DEWEY. January K8. i9i7· Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), [H'C0u;ReS"M'68'] That in recognition of the long and distinguished service rendered the D§v‘§;}f"“* G°°'8" nation by Admiral George Dewev, ap§r0pr1ate funeral services be b6F1¤g=éra1 swivels; tg held in the rotunda of the Capitol on aturday, January twentieth, me cespixiiifmm 0 nineteen hundred and seventeen, at eleven ojclock ante meridian, and that the two Houses of Congress attend said services. That, as a further mark of respect, his remains be removed from A?,‘§,‘§,‘{,“},g’,{,,§}?eQ*§_*° the Capitol to Arlington Cemetery for burial 111 charge of the Navy Department, attended by the Sergeants at Arms and the committees of the two Houses. _ _ That invitations be extended to the President of the United States 1l,m_t°,0 EQ? and the members of his Cabinet, the Chief Justice and the Associate ‘°¤d- Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, the Diplomatic 1605