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in ze, us. PARCEL POST CON VENTION-CHINA. 1667 2. The parcels in question shall be subject in the country of desti— °°”°"“°¤ °‘°¤**•¤· nation to all customs duties and all customs regulations in force in that coimtry for the rotection of its customs revenues; and the customs duties properly chargeable thereon shall be collected on delivery, in accordance with the customs regulations of the country of destination. ARTICLE VII. Each country shall retain to its own use the whole of the postages, R°*°“°i°“ °"°°“· registration and delivery fees it collects on said parcels; consequently, this Convention will give rise to no separate accounts between the two countries. ARTICLE VIII. 1. The (parcels shall be considered as a component art of the mails mg§l§h°d °' *¤¤=‘P°*‘· exchangp direct between the United States and) China, to be ` despatc ed to destination by the country of ori at its cost and by suc means as it provides; ut must be forwargdxd, at the option of the despatching office, either in boxes prepared expressly for the purpose or in ordinary mail sacks, marked "Parcel Post", and securely sealed with wax, or otherwise, as may be mutually provided by re ulations hereunder. . 2. Each country shall promptly retum empty to the despatching SM¥}g¤*¤ 0* MW office by next mai , all such bags and boxes. ` 3. Althoipgh parcels admitte under this Convention will be trans- P¤°'¤¤¤- mitted as a oresaid between the exchange offices, they should be so carefully packed as to be safely transmitted in the open mails of either country, both in going»t0 the exchange office in the country of ori and to the office 0 address in the country of destination. 4. Els-iizh despatch of a Parcel Post mail must be accompanied by D•¤°**P**'•“**· a descriptive list, in duplicate of all the parcels sent showing distinctly the list number of each parcel, the name of the sender, the name of the addressee with address of destination, and the declared contents and value; and must be enclosed in one of the boxes or ,,0,, p_ lm sacks of such despatch (see Form 3 annexed hereto). ' ARTICLE IX. Exchanges of mails under this Convention from anpyrplace in either E"°“““8° °‘“°°‘· country to any place in the other, shall be effected ugh the Hpost offices of both countries already designated as exchange post o ccs, or through such others as may be hereafter agreed upon, under such regulations relative to the details of the exchange as may be mutually determined to be essential to the security and expedition of the mails and the protection of the customs revenues. ARTICLE X. 1. As soon as the mail shall have reached the office of destination, Rmm Mmm that office shall check the contents of the mail. _ Substitute arm 2. In the event of the parcel bill not having been received, a sub- tm. P stitute should be at once prepared. _ _ _ _ 3. Any errors in the entries on the parcel bill which may be dis- C°"°°"°" °‘ °"°”· covered should, after verification by a second officer, be corrected and noted for report to the despatching office on a form "Verification Ccrtiiicate," which should be sent in 8. Special envelope. If a parcel Nmmiptcf am, advised on the bill be not received, after the nonreceipt has been D ` veriticd by a second officer, the entry on the bill should be canceled Imummm wmgm and the fact reported at once. If adparcel be observed to be insufficiently prepaid. it must not be taxe with deficient postizge, but the circumstance must be reported on the verification cert cate form. 1026:ZO°———voL 39-21: 2;-31 ‘