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PROCLAMATIONS, 1915. 1723 The fee for Bling a declaratory statement must be paid even though the application is rejected, and such fee will be properly applied when the statement is Bled. When a homestead application is allowed in whole or lpart, the sums required as fees, commissions and purchase money will e properly applied, and any sum in excess of the required amount will be returned to the applicant. When a declaratory statement is allowed whole or in (part, the sum which will be required as purchase money if entry IS ma e under the declaratory statement will e held until entry has been allowed under the statement or the time has expired within which entry may be made and an sum in excess of the reqluired amount will be returned to the declarant. The moneys he d will not be returned until the time has expired within which entry may be made under the statement but will be returned as soon as possible thereafter if entry is not made. Moneys tendered with applications and statements which are rejected in whole, except fees for Bling declaratory statements, will be returned. If an applicant or declarant fails to secure a.ll the land applied for and amends his application or statement to embrace other lands, the moneys theretofore tendered will be ap lied on account of the re uired pa - ment under the amended application. lf it is not su&cient, tge applicant or declarant will be required to pay the deBciency, and if it is more than sufficient, the excess will be returned. Moneys returned to a plicants or declarants will be returned b the official check of the lieceiver of the proper United States land/V office. Moneys tendered with applications or statements presented after Ma 17, 1915, will be deposited by the Receiver of the proper land oéice in the usual manner. _ 5. Price o{“)Lawu1.s. Lands entered or Bled upon prior to August 19, P”°°°"““d“· 1915, must e paid for at the rate of $5 per acre; those entered or Bled upon on or after that date and prior to November 19, 1915, at the rate of $3.50 per acre; and those entered or Bled u on on or after November 19, 1915, at the rate of $2.50 er acre. ghould land be re-entered or re-Bled upon, the price willllwe that Bxed by the first entry or Bling. 6. Residence and Oultivatikm. The residence, cultivation and im- q§fl°""°· °°°·· '°' rovements which will be required in connection with entries of these l>ands will be the same as are required in connection with other lands entered under the general revisions of the homestead laws. 7. Dq'er·red Payments. Tlie portion of the purchase price of the land D°’°"°" *’°Y“‘°““’· which is not required when entry is made, may be (paid in five equal installments, the Bust within two years from the ate of entry and the remainder annually in three, four, five and six dyears, respectively, thereafter, unless commutation proof is submitte . If commutation proof is submitted, final payment must be made at that time. If three—yoar roof is submittec , Bnal payment may be made then or at any time tiiereafter before the payments become due in the annual installments. Neither Bnal certificate nor patent will issue under a three—year proof until Bnal payment of purchase money has been made. . 8. Fmj'eituree. If an entryman fails to make any payment when it F°"°‘“"°‘ becomes due, or fails to compl with the requirements as to residence, cultivation or improvement, Bis entry will be canceled and all dpay— ments theretofore made by him under the entry be forfeite . Ad I 9. Settlement in Advance of Claims may be initiated to these "“"“’s°“ °"‘°““‘ lands by settlement in advance 0 entry on and after November 19, 1915, and not before then. tb 10. Rules and Regulations. The Secretary of the Interior is hereby R°g°1° m` authorized to make and prescribe such forms, rules and regulations as may be necess to carry the provisions of this Proc amation into full force andadgect. ~