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1766 PROCLAMATIONS, 1916. not before, nine o’clock a. m., standard time, on the sixtg-third day after the date of this proclamation; and to entry and other disposition under any public—1and law applicable thereto at and after, but ppt hefogea nine o’clock a. m., stan ard time, on the mnety·iirst day , . . ter said ate. p$§`r§$%2?$SZge°€Z Persons who go upon any of the lands to be restored as herein pro- ‘“g· tvlideg. and fptehrform apy act of setpllement tlierion from anddmgu mg e ate o is proc amation 1mf nine o’c oc a. m., stan ar time, on the sixty-third day from and after the date hereof, or who are on or are occup any part of such lands at said hour, except those having valid sugigting settlement riglhts initiated prior to reservation and since maintained, and those aving preferences to make entry , mnumds under the provisions of the Act of Congress approved June eleventh, igicziii p. za. nineteen hundred six (34 Stat., 233), entitled ‘ ‘An Act To provide for th; entry :fmAg1cultur3l lands foreipl reserves", and acts - amen atory consi an e t wi as trespassers an E _ H al preference will be given the prior legal appligcant, notwithstanding 1ew§i°im1°° ws such unlawful sett ement or occupancy: vided, however, that - nothing herein shall prevent persons from going upon and over the lands to examine them with a view thereafter to going upon and mak- P i ttl t ing settlement thereon when the lands shall become subject thereto eghisgé. S° °m°° in accordance with this proclamation. Persons having prior settlement rights npr preferentciles, as abope deisinied, will be allowed to make ent in co ormi wi exist' aw an regulations. I§dW}lTN}g1SSf R{£6?1Eé1?§ havebhereuntg set my hand and cause tese ote ni tatestoe e. Done at the gty of Wa_shingtion,dthis setwéenteengh day of Fderbiéiiaryi in e aro our or one thousand nme un e an [SEAL.] sixteenysiind of the Indeplendence of the United States the one hundred and fortiet . W W oomzow ILSON By the President: Ronmzr Laxsmo Secretary of State.

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A PROCLAMATION F°·‘;'_$”,§_ N““°"’“ WHEREAS an Executive Order dated April twontiy-first, nineteen Pr¤¤i¤b1¤· hundred and fourteen, modified the boundaries o the Arkansas Nationagllérggst by exeludilpg the thelrfiin destiuxgaiwldllands; andd b it a ears t at the pu e oo e promote y further modifyin Itge boundaries of the irkansas National Forest by eliminating therefrom certain areas, in the State of Arkansas, _ , and restoring the public lands therein in a manner authorized b the `°1‘38'°'m' Act of Congress approved Se tember thirtieth, nineteen hundredv and thirteen (38 Stat. 113), entitiied "An Act To authorize the President ’ to plrovide a method for opening lands restored from reservation or

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-M-·<· ma dmwaend tr N Pr d { 1. U d \ ! 30 P 34 gtates of Americgabf virgue og the {Lower iiiiing Zgstedlby the Act of o approv une ourt , ew teen un r an ninety seven t(30 gtaggy 11 gi; 34 and 36}, cizlntigrled "An Ao; axppropriatéons or sim ci ° e nses o the overnment or the ct year en ing June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-eivht, and for other purppses", do Erocllaimhthat (phe boundlariei of the Ar£ans0a(si Natippgl orestare ereyc e toexclueteareasinoat ase` `- nations on the diagraihngereto annexed and forming a part hereof.