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THE ]]Jubl1c Statutes at llargc OF THE UNITED STATE S OF AMERICA, manu run ORGANIZATION OF THE GOVERNMENT IN 1789, TO MARCH 3, 1845. ABRAJIGZD IH OHRONOLOGIUAI. ORDER. wrru REFERENCES T0 THE MATTER CF EACH ACT AND T0 THE SUBSEQUENT ACTS 0N THE SAME SUBJECT, .uu> COPIOUS NOTES OF THE DECISIONS or mx dfuurts of the Huiteh Etutcs CONSTRUING THOSE ACTS, AND UPON THE SUBJECTS OF THE LAWS. wm: nv INDEX T0 THE CONTENTS OF EACH v012U1I;]:, Ama A FULL GENERAL INDEX TO THE WHOLE WORK, IN THE CONOLUDING VOLUME. Tocmum wz·1·¤ Ghz Bzclarattan nf ifnbapentencr, thz Svtfdzs of Gnnfzhztattnu, mu: tbz Gnnstftutfcn nf thz Hnitzh étatzs; mn Amo, ·nnx.:s, m rm: r.:.s·r vcmvmm, com·n1m·ru LISTS or mu Acre nzmurrxvc T0 rm: Jumcnnv, IMPOSTB Am: TONNAGE, mz vnnmc Lums, nrc. E D I T E D B Y RICHARD PETERS, ESQ., covzvsunon n- mw. The right.; and Lutereat at the United Staten in the stereotype plates from which this work In printed, ue hereby reeogmeeq, ukuuwtedged, and declared by the publhhera, according to the provision: of thejolnt resolution clcongresa, puaed Inch s, 1345, VOL. IV. B O S T O N: CHARLES O. LITTLE AND JAMES BROWN. I S 4 6.