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NINETEENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 17. 1826. 151 eight hundred and twenty-tive, of seven thousand dollars, two thousand four hundred and fifty-seven dollars. For the purchasing department, in addition to materials on hand, of Purchasing sixty thousand dollars, two hundred and two thousand two hundred and ‘1°P"““°“‘· fifty-one dollars and nineteen cents. For one thousand complete suits of extra clothing to be put in depot, Extra clothing, and for one additional pair of shoes to be allowed for each enlisted soldier °°°’ per annum, fifty-one thousand five hundred and two dollars and forty-five cents. For the purchase of woollens, during the year one thousand eight Purchase of hundred and twenty-six, in advance for the year one thousand eight ""°°u°“”· hundred and twenty-seven, twenty thousand dollars. For medical and hospital department, twenty-five thousand and seventy- M9di¤¤l wd seven dollars. :*:5*d d°P*’°' For the quartermaster general’s department, two hundred and eighty- Q,,§,,,,,,.,,,,,. four thousand seven hundred and six dollars and sixty-seven cents. tergeneralw dc- For quartermastefs supplies, transportation, stationery, outstanding P°3£‘;‘;;_mu_ debts, repairs, chairs for examinations, grates, and lightning rods, for m,,, ,,,;,,,1,,,, the military academy at West Point, fifteen thousand and five hundred and Bm. forty-two dollars and seventy-four cents. For articles required for the mathematical, drawing, chemical, and Mathematical mineralogical departments, additions to the library, paving, barracks, pa- l¤¤mf¤¤¤¤*¤» rade, conduit for supplying water, and for new quarters, as recommended G"' by the board of visitersforthe military academy at West Point, nineteen thousand one hundred and eighty-seven dollars and seventy-five cents. For the contingencies of the army, ten thousand dollars. Contingencies. For the national armories, three hundred and sixty thousand dollars. Armories. For the current expenses of the ordnance service, sixty-five thousand _O¥d¤¤¤¤¤ ¤¢*‘· dollars. "°°' For arsenals, twenty-seven thousand seven hundred dollars. Arsenals. For arrearages prior to the first of July, one thousand eight hundred Arrearagss. and fifteen, fifteen thousand dollars. For arrearages from the first of July, one thousand eight hundred and A,.,.,,,,,.,;,,,, lifteen,.to the first of January, one thousand eight hundred and seventeen, from July 1. three thousand dollars. 181** For building an arsenal at Vergennes, Vermont, fifteen thousand Building an dollars. arsenal, Src. For completing the repair of Plymouth beach, thirteen thousand one Repair of Ply- hundred and eighty-four dollars and ninety cents. m°“‘h l’°°°h· For the continuation of the Cumberland road, one hundred and ten Continuation thousand dollars, which shall be replaced out of the fund reserved for {’*"*:° gl“¤b°*'* laying out, and making roads under the direction of Congress, by the °'° r° ' several acts passed for the admission of the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri, into the Union, on equal footing with the original States. For repairs made on the Cumberland road during the year one thou- Re am 0,, th, sand eight hundred and twenty-five, seven hundred and forty-nine dollars. Cumlwrlsud For completing the works for deepening the channel of entrance into ’°§1;l_b°m 0,. the harbour of Presque Isle, seven thousand dollars. p,,,,,,,,,, ,,1,, For the defraydng the expenses incidental to making examinations, Surveys, &c., surveys, preparatory to, and in aid of, the formation of roads and canals, ;;L°‘d“ md °" lilly thousand dollars. ` For the armament of new fortifications, one hundred thousand dollars. Armarnent of Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the several sums, hereby 'l°‘” f°’¤£°°‘ . . . tions. appropriated, shall be paid out of any money in the treasury not other- To be pm wise appropriated: Provided however, That no money appropriated by acm the treathis act shall be paid to any person, for his compensation, who is in my- _ arrears to the United States, until such person shall have accounted for, '°"°°` and paid into the treasury, all sums for which he may be liable: Pro- Proviso.