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154 NINETEENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 26, 27, 28. 1826. Snrurn I. 5 _ CHA?. XXVI.--An Act to e ize the duties nm vessel: of the Republic of C0-

-@ lumbia [mmha] and their cm-goe.s.(u)

°1:“t:?“£';};°“§g Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United c,,;,,,,,;,,,,, km, States of America, in Congress assembled, That no other or higher to pp the same rate of duties shall be imposed or collected on vessels of the Itepublic of go °:°$°l:g’; Columbia [Colombia,] and their cargoes, consisting of articles of the r · rowth roduce or manufacture of said republic, than are, or ma be of the Lmted g : P a _ _ Y 1 States, bc. payable on ve sels of the United States with cargoes composed as aforesaid. Secretary of Sec. 2. And be it farther enacted, That the Secretary of the Trea- 6*** "°°¤¤*>’ *° sury be, and he is hereby, authorized to return all duties which have been fg:;:,;?;;` assessed since the twenty-ninth January, eighteen hundred and twenty. since Jan. 29, six, on vessels of the Republic of Columbia [Colombia,] and their cargoes 1626, ¤¤ M- composed of articles of the growth, produce or manufacture of the said ff;' Q;d°;’,f‘£_" republic, beyond the amount which would have been payable on vessels cargoe being of the United States and cargoes, composed as aforesaid, imported therethe 8F°w*h»&9·» in; and that the same allowances of drawback on exportations, in ves- °f““‘d '°P“m‘°‘ sels of the Republic of Columbia, gColombia,] be made as on the like exportations in vessels of the Unite States. Thi- lqfw Sec. 3. rind be it further enacted, That_ this act shall continue and §;';:“d“:r,‘: the be in force during the time that the equality for which it provides shall, time that die in all res ects be reci rocated irf the orts of the Republic of Columbia `tf [C1bP]’d`f P t' h it th 'dP1’t hll b ¤qq¤hy or com ra; an 1, at any 1me erea er c S31 equa 1y s a not e fg22h,:; gzip reciprocated in the portsof thesaid republic, the President may, and he rocated in nie IS hereby authorized to, issue his proclamation, declaring that fact, whereports of Cb1cm. upon this act shall cease and determine. ‘°‘· &°‘ Approved, April 20, 1826. S·r.u-vm I. April 20, 1826. CHAP. XXVII.—An Act appropriati a sum of money for the repair cfthepostroads between Jackson and Cbnfsmbus in the state of f AP€'°P'i%*i°¤ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United °r t °'?p°"°f States 0 America, in C0 ress assembled, That the sum of fifteen the post road ng _ _ _ between Jack- thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby appropriated, for the repair ¤°¤ M6 C¤l¤m- of the p0st·road in the Indian country, between Jackson and Columbus b“°’M‘"‘ in the state of Mississippi, to be expended under the direction of tht; Postmaster General; and that the said sum of mone be aid out of an _ _ _ Y P Y money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated. Approved, April 20, 1826. S·rwrU·r¤ I. ······—— April 22, 1826- Crux-. XXVIII:—An Act giving the right of pre-emption, in the purchase of buds, to Ieerlam settlers en the alatesqf Alabama, Imsszsszyu, and territory gf Florida.( k A¤Y]l>¤¤‘¤¤¤» Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rqoresentatives of the United bfé;,:,:;;? °' States of America, in Congress assembled, That every person,or the legal [825,cu|fiyg: representatives of any person, who, being either the head of a family,

or twenty-one years of age, did, on or before the first day of January, in

Ada, Sm, shall thelyetip ope tdnoupargd eghrti hunélredharpd tyventygiigp, aictual:]y lmhabi; be amine.; to an cu IVR ea me 0 an sr uate mt e ern oryo on a w 10 rac pietpre-emplticu is not rightfully claimed by any other person, and who shall not have " ° P“'° “° removed from the said territor shall be entitled to the right of re-em b e; was . . Y¤ g. . P Y'

1,::;, Og- Fein tion in the purchase thereof, under the same terms, restrictions, condi-

6, 1813, ch. 20. tions, provisions and regulations, in every respect, as are directed by the (a) See notes to the act of January 'I, IS24, ch. 4, for notes of the act relating to discriminating duties. tb) See notes to the act of May 8, 1822, ch. 129.