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206 NINETEENTH CONGRESS. Sass, II. Ch. 20,21,22. 1827. establish the taw land district, in the state of Mississippi, and to locate and establish

 “*c°:';;_ the same at any other convenient and suitable plape within the same

,,,,,,tp;,c,,,,m,_ land district. And it shall be the duty of the register and receiver of in the ssmeland said land office, so s00n as the removal shall be ordered, and such new di’”'i°*· location made by the President, to remove all the records, books, and papers appertaining to said land ofnce, to the place designated. ..4Pl-’ROVED, February 22, 1827. Srnvu II. Hb_ 22, 1821 CHAP. XX.—An dat concerning thémentgg ez` vessel: at thepori of Faiiyield, in -i————t NCC 1011 . Lswrul to ‘ Be it enacted by the Senate and lhuse of Rqzresentatives of the United m°*k° °¤"Y»f, States ry" America, in Congress assembled, That it shall be lawful to gg; :fi;;y,t°r' make entry of any foreign ship or vessel, and of the cargo which may be the pm of on board the same, and to unlade such cargo, or any part there0lQ at the F¤i*E°1**· port. of Fairfield, in the state of Connecticut, under the regulations in such cases bylaw provided. Approved, February 22, 1827. Srarum II. Feb 22 182,, CHAP. XXI.—.@n det to exempt Swedish and Nvrnzegtanvessels, and the me- -—;L-—- ehamlisc imported therein, from the payment of dwcnmmalzng duties of temmzge and impast, for a limited time, andfar other purposes. (a) Act of April Be it enacted by the Senate and House af Representatives of the United 20- l8l8»°h· States of America, in Congress assembled, That, from and after the mk date of this act until the termination of the next session of Congress, ct of March ’ . . . 3, 1d4S, eh. 75. vessels truly and wholly belonging to the subjects of the king of Sweden N¤*W¢zi¤¤ and Norway, arriving in the United States, in ballast or with cargoes, gg8g;:; zflfgis shall be exempted from the payment of any other or higher duties or ser, until the charges whatsoever, than vessels of the United States are required to pay t¢~>rmi¤==¤¢i¢»¤ 9F under like circumstances; that merchandise, the produce and manuum "xt "“‘°“ facture of the territories of the king of Sweden and Norway, imported of Congress, to , . . . be exempt from in Swedish or Norwegian vessels, shall not be subjected to any other or the ppygnergt of higher duties than are levied on the same kinds of merchandise when g;?;;'";}?;;? imported in American vessels; and that the exemption or privilege usgs and gm. allowed by this act shall extend to vessels arriving, and merchandise post. imported, from the Swedish colony of St. Barthelemy: Provided, That the owners of vessels, arriving from said colony in the United States, shall be inhabitants of that colony, and there established and naturalized, and shall have caused their vessels to be there naturalized. Secretary of 2. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Treasury be, the Treasury and he is hereby, directed to cause to be repaid or remitted, all alien or

 L; m_ discriminating duties of tonnage or impost, which since the twenty-titlh

Paid all align of September last may have been paid, or secured to be paid, on vessels 9* d¤;<=*:!¤¤i¤¤t§· of the description mentioned in the first section of this act, or on mer- 2:513;*2: ?m_ ohandise imported in such vessels; for the purpose of which repayment, pest, received any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, is hereby approo_n such vessels Printed_ Q2; f25h25m Approved, February 22, 1827. Srarvrm II. ——_— March 2, 182*1. Can. XXII.-An Act maki 'atians ortluzsu rt the Nav a tlu: `—6 United States, for thtgpeaqpfr huifndred d £1;¥_£I·S8UB1l. y f §ums appro- Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United P"m°d*° °· States cj America, in Congress assembled, That, for defraying the ex-

(nz) Sec notes to the act of Jan. 7, 1824, ch. 4.