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NINETEENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch.29. 1827. 215 For the recruiting service, twenty-six thousand six hundred dollars. P~?¤¤‘¤l¢i¤S For the contingent expenses of the recruiting service, thirteen thou- s"Q’,;;’:i‘n en, sand three hundred dollars. ex,,,,,,,,,,;,,;- For the purchasing department, in addition to materials on hand, ¤¤m<>· _ amounting to forty thousand dollars, two hundred and sixty-four thou- deP:r‘,:‘;:“8 sand six hundred and twenty-tive dollars and seventy-tive cents. P ' For the purchase of woollens during the year one thousand eight hun- Purchase of dred and twenty-seven, in advance for the year one thousand eight hun- "°°H°““· dred and twenty-eight, twenty thousand dollars. For the medical and hospital department, twenty-five thousand five Medical and hundred dollars. h°SP:“‘1d°P“"‘ For medical supplies for the posts on the Red river, the Arkansas, m§;.,Q;,c,,,,,&,,_ and the Upper Mississippi, for the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight, five thousand dollars. For the quartermaster general’s department, two hundred and eighty- t Q““'“;';"s‘ seven thousand one hundred and twenty-nine dollars and eighty-nine P;?;;; ° °' cents. For arrearages in the quartermaster general’s department, thirty-five A"°¤”E°'· thousand dollars. For quartermastefs supplies, transportation and stationery for the t 9“"*'*°’{P“°‘ military academy at West Point, seven thousand nine hundred and fifteen gis S°PP1°°’ dollars and forty-two cents. For articles required for the mathematical, drawing, chemical, and mine- Mathematical ralogical departments, library, new buildings, and repairs and improve- g*m¤¤¤¤¤*¤» ment of barrack parade, twenty-four thousand two hundred and twenty-four °' dollars and fifty-three cents. For the contingencies of the army, ten thousand dollars. Contingencies. For the current expenses of the ordnance service, sixty-five thousand Ordnance ssrdollars. Vl°°· For national armories, three hundred and sixty thousand dollars. Armories. For defraying the expenses of the officers of the militia who were em- Defraying the ployed upon the military board which prepared the system of cavalry, €¤l>¤¤¤<¢S <>Y¤¤i· artillery, and infantry exercise, one thousand six hundred and eighty hm °m°"S’ dollars. I For the settlement of the claims of the militia of Georgia, for services ren- fS:f¢l¢§¤{¤¤t dered during the years one thousand seven hundred and ninety-two,three, fh; (gs:,;;]:;,? and four, agreeable to the estimates of Constant Freeman, and to be paid litia. under the direction of the Secretary of \Var, one hundred and twenty- nine thousand three hundred and seventy-five dollars and sixty-six cents, which shall be considered as full satisfaction for said claims. For arsenals, forty-four thousand four hundred dollars. Ar=¤¤al¤· For arrearages prior to the first of July, one thousand eight hundred Arrearages and fifteen, twenty thousand dollars. *° July 1, For constructing the road from Canton to Zanesville, in the state of Rald from Ohio, and for continuing and completing the survey of the Cumberland Cantonro road from Zanesville to the seat of government of Missouri, one hundred Z*“'°°'*H¤» &¤· and seventy thousand dollars, which shall be replaced out of the fund C b 1 d reserved for laying out and making roads under the direction of Con- rags?] °r an gress, by the several acts, passed for the admission of the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri, into the Union, on an equal footing with the original states. For paying a balance due to John McClure, as superintendent of the Balance ana repairs of the Cumberland road, five hundred and ten dollars. J°h¤ M¤Cl¤*¢· For completing the works and deepening the channel of entrance Completing into the harbour of Presque Isle, to cover the expense of work done ¥°'k¤»&{=·» ¤f and to be done, which has not been contemplated by any appropria- r°°q°° °l°' tion heretofore made, two thousand dollars. For defraying the expense of an expedition fitted out, consisting of Expedition the militia of Georgia, and the territory of Florida, for the suppression f°¤` the ¤¤l>PF€¤-