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236 NINETEENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 56,57. 1827. existing laws; and all acts now in force regulating the exportation of spirits, and the allowance and payment of drawbacks and debentures, shall be deemed applicable to brandy, the importation of which is permitted b this act. _ _ _ _Act_tc con- ySmc, 3. And be it further enacted, That this act shall continue m f.'"",'?" f°’°fs force for the period of three years, and no longer. M realmAppnovim, March 2, 1827. Srnrvrz II. March 2, 1827. Cin?. LVl.—.x2n dal to grizni a_certain·qu¢mlQIy of land io lhc slalc of Indi- """"_" ana for the purpose zf azding send state zn opening a canal to connect the waters of the Wabash river with Uwse of Lak: Erie. (a) A 0,,,,,,,,, Be it enacted by the Senate and House jR@resematives of the United quantity ofland States of America., in Cmzgress assembled, 1`hat there be, and hereby is, 8'°“*°d *° md granted to the state of Indiana, for the purpose of aiding the said state °m°’f°’ °P°"`` l t "t t navi able oints the waters of the Wabash ing , mma] to in opening a eana 0 uni ea g I p I unite, at navi- river with those of Lake Erie, a quantity of land equal to one half of tive gyrble points? sections in width, on each side of said canal, and reserving eaoh alter-

1,: hd;;;;;,? nate section to the United States, to be selected by the comnnssioner of

ver, with those the land office, under the direction of the Presidefit of tlliellllriitedftates, ¤fLake Erie. from one end thereof to the other- and the said an s s a e su Jeetm the disposal of the legislature of siaid state, for the purpose aforesaid,and Proms. no other; Provided, That the said canal, when completed, shall be, and forever remain, a public highway for the use of the government of the United States, free from any toll, or other charge, ·whatever, for any property of the United States, or persons in their service passing through the Prcvisv- same: Provided, That said canal shall be commenced within five years, and completed in twenty years, or the state shall be bound to pay to the United States the amount of any lands previously sold, and that the title to purchasers under the state shall be valid. Duty Orme Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That, so soon as the route of the governor ¤f¤¤id said canal shall be located and agreed on by the said state, it shall be the

g;l*;'i‘:;‘nEh° duty of the governor thereof, or such other person or persons as may

ted, Src. have been, or shall hereafter be, authorized to superintend the construe tion of said canal, to examine and ascertain the particular lands to which the said state will be entitled under the provisions of this act, and report the same to the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States. Power given Sec. 3. And be if further enacted, That the said state, under the

  • ° 'h° l¤g;{¤l¤~ authority of the legislature thereof, after the selection shall have been so

mm m semade, shall have power to sell and convey the whole, or any part of the said land, and to give a title, in fee simple, therefor, to whomsoever shall purchase the whole or any part thereofi APPROVED, March 2, 1827. Srsrvrz II. March 2, 1827. CHAP. LVIl.—-An Act to aulharizc {hc President of the United Slales to ascertain —’;‘— and designate fhc northern boundary of the state ey" Indiana. i23P;; 19, 1816, Be it enactedlby Senate and House ey" Rq1r¢sc·ntcrti'vcs of ihe United SUIQBYM, gk States of America, zn Congress zzssemblerl, That the surveyor general, under neral, under the the direction of the President of the United States, be, and he istherehy, di1‘¤<{ti<>¤ <>Y W6 authorized and required to cause to be surveyed, marked, and deslgnatéd, 5,r,$Q;d9°d"QnS°' the northern boundary line of the state of Indiana, as divides said state from required to the territory of Michigan, agreeably to the boundary as established by the cause *° W act, entitled "An act to enable the people of the Indiana territory to form '“"°y°d’ &°" a constitution and state government, and for the admission of such state (a) An act granting certain lands in the state of Indiana, the better to enable the said state to cizlteiid and complete the Wabash and Erie canal, from Terre Haute to the Ohio river, March 3, 18-15, c . 2.