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276 TWEN'1`IETH CONGRESS. SEss.I. Ch.57,58. 1828. Act OVAEFU twenty-four, thirty thousand d0llt1rs:_Pr0vided, That this appropriation 2% 182% ° ‘ shall not be construed into a legislative sanctxon of any exammnuon or in-Oviso, survey which shall not be deemed of national importance, and within the provisions of the aforesaid act of the thrrtneth April, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-four. _Complete ¤ To complete a pier adjacent to a pier at Buffalo, IH the state of New P"' °·* B“E“]°· York, thirty-four thousand two hundred and six dollars. _ Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the several sums, hereby 0ur:`gfb:n}E“rLd0_ appropriated,. shall be paid out of any money m the treasury not othermy in the mw, wise appropriated. suf}'- Approved, May 19, 18*28. S1-A·rv·rz I. May 19, 1828. CHAP. LVIl.—An Act for the punishment of contraventinm of thejifth article qf -1; the treaty between the United States and Russia. . {“Y °“°> a Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United cmzen of the S . . T .f b . United Smeg tqtcs of America, m Congress assembled, That i any one, cmgla ortmdingunder citizen of the United States, or trading under their authonty, shall, in

h°i{ ‘=*“*h°;_l*Y contravention of the stipulations entered into by the United States with

slhvgglgs of the Emperor of all the Russias, by the fifth article of the treaty, signed treaty with at St. Petersburg, on the seventeenth day of April, in the year of our R¤¤Si*=*><>*`AP*il Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-four, sell, or cause to be 17, *824, “°‘ ld t th f f th t th th t ast of Ameiea Permitted to so , o fehnaluiesp de coitntlry op e nor, rtwes H 1 , 5e11g0mg na. or any o e IS an s a Jaoen ere 0 any spm uous rquors re arms fives ¤¤ ms or other arms, powder or munitions o,f war of any kind, the, person so

‘X;.°fm8r. oflending shall be fined in a sum not less than fifty nor more than two

r- . . . ca, gm,, gpm- hundred dollars, or rmpusoned not less than thirty days, nor more than ¢¤¢>¤s1i<;¤¤m- six months. .Sl‘p?"°’ J"' Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the superior courts in each rlsrhction ex· . . , . . . _ I th tended to the of the territorial d1str1<;ts, and the circuit courts and ot 1er courts of e superior wd United States, of similar jurisdiction in criminal causes, in each district °l'°“l" °°“““# of the United States in which an offender a ainst this act shall be first in each of the ’ . y g . territorial djs. apprehended or brought for mal, shall have, and are hereby invested ¤ri¤¥¤¤,i¤ crimi- with, full power and authority to hear, try and punish, all crimes,ofl`enc<§s “1°"°'· and misdemeanors; against this act; such courts proceeding therein in the same manner as if such crimes, offences and misdemeanors, had been committed within the bounds of their respective districts. Avrnovmn, May 19, 1828. Snrvu; I. May 19 1g2S_ CHAP. LVHI.——·An dc! l0 authorize the President of the United States I0 Mm -————--·—— and mark a line, dividing the territory of Jlrkansas from the state gf Louisiana. (zz) President of Be it enacted by the Senate and Ifnuseqf Representatives of the United United $*1***% States of America, in Congress assembled, That the President of the

1;’:‘§‘i,°;’h2° United States of America be, and he is hereby, authorized, in conjuncline dmdmgqm tron with the constituted authorities of the state of Louisiana, to cause

fsrriwty vf Ar- to be run, and distinctly marked, the line dividing the territory of k‘"'““* mm Arkansas from the state of Louisiana- commencincr on the right bank thestateof . . . . . . Z ¤ Louisiana_ of the Mississippi r1ver, at lautude thirty-three degrees north, and running due west on that parallel of latitude, to where a line running due north from latitude thirty-two degrees north, on the Sabine river, will Commission- intersect the same. And, for that purpose, he is hereby authorized, to °' t° l’° “P' a ointa commissioner or surve or or both as in his 0 inion may be pointed. PP . ’ y ’ . ’ P p,°v;,,,_ necessary: Promded, The compensation to be allowed to the person or (a) See notes of theactsrelating to the territory odterwards the state of Arkansas, vol. £T493.