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288 TWENTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 72,7B.i 1828. mlgpggepzgc have become purchasers of a section or fractional section, the register mm hmmm; of the land office for the district in which the lands lie, shall on applicame pm-cp,",,, tion of the parties, and a surrender of the original certificate, issue sepaor purchasers rate certificates, of the same date with the original, to each of the purg_f;t?;;';f“e°' chasers, or their assignees, in conformity with the division agreed on by S C- . tj0n_ them: Provided, That, in no case, shall the fractions so purchased be Proviso. divided by other than north, and south,or east and west lines; nor shall any certificate issue for less than eighty acres. Approved, May 23, 1828. S·ra·ru·r¤ I. May 23, 1828. CHAP. LXXH.—.ln Act to pravidefor extending the term of certain pensions, ""_"" chargeable on the navy andprivateer pensionfund. _ Where provi- Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United 2z;;':;';:;" of America, in Congress assembled, That in all cases where pro-

-0,. b,];,,,,, ti, vision has been made, by law, for the five years’ half pay to the widows

the widows, and children of officers, seamen and marines, who were killed in battle, ge §§{’i‘i"'» or who died in the naval service of the United States during the late war; b,,{{;,,, fcwlu and also, in all cases where provision has been made for extending the nie term ofcer- term for five years in addition to any term of five years, the said provi- “““ P°”“*°'*° *° sion shall be further extended for an additional term of five years to be extended. . ’ , commence at the end of the current, or la thexpired term of five years in each case, respectively; making the provision equal to twenty years half pay; which shall be paid out of the fund heretofore provided by law; and the said pensions shall cease for the causes mentioned in the laws providing the same, respectively. Pensions of Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the pensions of all widows, jlygzfgw who now are, or who, at any time within one year last past, have been 0,. who may ’ in the receipt thereof, under the provision of the following laws of the within one United States, or either of them, to wit: An act passed March the fourth, {°"£' lm 12*** one thousand eight hundred and fourteen, entitled “An act giving pene in receipt - - . . . themcfundel, sions to the orphans and widows of the persons slam in the public or provision of the private armed vessels of the United States," and an act passed April the f°ll•2“:¤E lféws sixteenth, one thousand eight hundred and eighteen, entitled “An act in 3;;; addition to an act giving pensions to the orphans and widows of persons mined. slain in the public or private armed vessels of the United States," so far Act °*`M¤*¤h as regards persons receiving pensions from the fund arising from cap-

  • »”"·°“·?°· i a lv e a b th 'vat ea 1 rm u· a

Act of-APH, ures an sa ag , ma e y e pri e Iarm vesse s o e _ nite 16, 1818, on.65. States, be and the same are hereby continued, under the restrictions and regulations in the said acts contained, for and during the additional term of five years, from and after the period of the expiration of P¤‘¤*i¤¤· the said pensions, respectively: Provided, however, That the said pensions shall be paid from the proceeds of the privateer pension fund alone, _ and without recourse to the United States, for any deficiency, should P"""' such occur, which may hereafter arise thereon ; Aml provided further, That no such pension shall be paid to any such widow after her intermarriage, had, or to be had, after she shall have become such widow. Avrnovsn, May 23, 1828. S·rA·r·¤·r1: I. May 533, tseg_ Cnn. LXXIIl.—An Act to authorize the improvingof certain harbours, the build- ··‘*-·*r’* ing of piers, and for other purposes. $¤¤[¤• f¢· Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United gl;:;;};;?;?` States of America, in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and the same are hereby, respectively appropriated, to be applied under