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366 TWENTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 65. 1829. ,M¤l¤*9¤•·¤¢¤ and that the strictest obedience be paid thereto; they shall provide that ° °l°'°I'"°"‘ the strictest attention be paid to preserve cleanliness, throughout the _ buildings, kitchens, cells, bedding, and as far as may be, in the persons m;*PP°‘¤’:l¤°¤,§ and clothing of the convicts; they shall appoint, and at their pleasure p,,;:::°;c_ ° remove such keepers, and other inferior officers and servants, as may be required for the ervice and government of the penitentiary; they shall, Inspection or from time to time, inspect the accounts of the penitentiary, and shall see °°°°“¤'*'· that the affairs thereof are conducted with economy and integrity; they Annual report shall, in the month of January, in every year,report to Congress a detailed °° C°"€'°"‘ account of the expenses and income of the penitentiary, the number of convicts received, discharged, or deceased, during the year, the rules and by-laws passed, altered, or repealed, within such year, and such other matters relating to the discipline and management of the prison, as may _ _Ee¤nemy en- be proper to make known its state and condition; and it shall be their ·l°“‘°‘l‘ duty so to manage the affairs of the penitentiary, if it be possible, that the proceeds of the labour of the said convicts shall pay all the expenses Cenvietatela- of the said penitentiary and more: But nothing herein contained shall g‘;‘:"f°’ U‘“*°d prevent the said inspectors from employing the said convicts in labour r.;,,,},,, 0; 8,, for the United States. And, if the said penitentiary shall fail to support penditure to be itself it shall be the duty of the said inspectors to state, in their annual °’Pl‘“‘°d· report to Congress, what they suppose to be the reason of such failure. d S¤l¤’Yd°*`W¤¥· Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the warden shall receive a 0;%;,:: mm salary of twelve hundred dollars a year. The other officers and servants of the penitentiary shall receive such annual or monthly pay as the inspectors shall direct. yV¤.rdeii=st‘urie- Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the 2Q;';' Mn0mm_ warden to keep accurate accounts of all materials bought or furnished for P ’ the use or labour of the convicts, and,also, of the proceeds of their labour; Make con- he shall make all contracts and purchases for the supplies necessary for "fgfgutlabou the penitentiary: he shall have power to let out the labour of the convicts ay ,,0,,,;,,,,, by contract, subject, always, however, to the rules and discipline of the _General super- penitentiary; he shall, under the superintendence and inspection of the

_';‘;>‘;‘;‘;l‘,;‘i*,,;“d inspectors, oversee and manage all the affairs of the penitentiary, and shall

l be responsible for the due enforcement of its rules, by-laws, and disci- MOM-l¤lY M- pline; he shall make out and deliver to the inspectors, at each of their

 t°"‘”l’°°' monthly meetings, an account of all moneys received and expended by

htm on account of the penitentiary, during the preceding month, specifying from whom received, and to whom paid, and for what; which account shall be sworn to by the warden, and carefully filed and preserved Qumsfly ¤¤- among the papers of the board of inspectors. He shall, also, on the tirst g‘;‘;;‘;m;_;°0,:l‘,: Monday of January, April, July, and October, in each year, make out ·p,m,,,.y_ and exhibit to the proper accounting officer of the Treasury Department, an account of all moneys received and paid on account of the penitentiary, for the last three months, specifying from whom received, to whom paid, and for what, and shall settle the same with the said department. _W¤rden to Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That the warden, before he enters $"° l’°”d· upon the duties of his office, shall give bond to the United States, with sufficient security, to be approved by the inspectors of the penitentiary, in such sum as they shall direct, conditioned that he will faithfully perform the duties of his office, and truly account for all goods, money, or other articles belonging to the United States, or to individuals, which may, in the discharge of the duties and trusts of his office, come into his custody, and pay or deliver the same over to the United States, or such persons as may be legally entitled thereto, whenever he shall be lawfully required; which bond may be sued in the name of the United States, for the use of the United States, or any individual, who may have a claim thereon, as often as the said condition may be broken; provided Limitation of such suit shall be brought against the security within six years of the •¤¤i°¤ *h¤¤'¤°¤· time when the cause of action accrued.