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536 TWENTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. l4I. 1832. P9¤*·¤'°¤d¤ ¤¤· Lebanon, Sanford, Emery’s mills, in Shapleigh, Acton corner, and New- °°*bh°h°d' field, by the post-offices called by those names, and through the west part of Parsonsfield, to the post-office in Efiingham. From Concord, by Loudon, Lower Gilmanton iron works, Alton bay, Plainfield corner, Union Village, Farmington, Middleton corner, and Brookfield corner, to Smith’s bridge, in Wolf borough, and return by the North meeting·house, in A1- ton, to Alton bay. From Meredith bridge, by Gilford centre, to Alton bay. From Concord, by Loudon mills, and Louden, to Gilmanton Courthouse. From Concord by Epsom, North Deerfield, Nottingham centre, Wadleigh’s falls in Lee, to Lamprey River village, in Newmarket. From Concord, by Pembroke, Allenstown, West Deerfield, South Deerfield, Raymond, Epping, Exeter, Stratham, and Greenland, to Portsmouth. From Concord, by Hooksett, Candia, Raymond, Poplin, and Brentwood, to Exeter. From Concord, by Dunbarton, Goffstown, New Boston, Amherst, Milford, Wilton, Mason harbour, New Ipswich, Ashby, and Ashburnham, to Fitchburgh, in Massachusetts. From Newport, by Wendell North Village, New London, and Wilmot, to Andover. From Newport, by Wendell, Fishersfield, Bradford, Heniker,\Veare and New Boston, to Amherst. From Bath to Landafti From Lisbon to Lyman village. From Hooksett, by Westchester, Chester, Sandown, and Hawke, to Kingston. Vermont. In Vermont.-—From Brattleborough, in Windham county, by Guilford Centre, to Halifax. From Brandon, in Rutland county, to Shoreham, in Addison county. From Hancock, by Goshen, to Brandon, in the county of Rutland. From Swanton, in Franklin county, by Alburg, to Champlain, in the county of Clinton, and state of New York. From Randolph to Chelsea, in Orange county. From Elmore to YValcott. From Lynden, in Caledonia county, by Burke, Newark, Randon, Charleston, East village and West village, and Salem, to Child’s mills, in Derby, in the county of Orleans. From Sunderland, by Stratton, to 'Wardsborough. From WVaterford Lower Bridge, in Caledonia county, by Concord and St. Johnsbury East village, to Lyndon. From Windsor in VVindsor county, by D0wner’s inn, in \Veathersfield, the North village in Springfield, the North and South villages in Chester, Cambridge Port, to Athens. From Wells River village, in Newbury, by Groton, to Topsham and Wvest Topsham, in Orange county. From Middlebury, by VVeybridge Lower Falls, to Addison. From Keene, through Vlfestmoreland, in the state of New Hampshire; thence through Putney, Brookline, Newfane, Wardsboro’, and Stratton, to Sunderland. From Corinth, by Corinth East village, Topsham Townhouse, Groton village, near Groton mills, to Peacharn. From Randolph, by Randolph west village, the east part of Braintree, west part of Brookfield, east part of Roxbury, to the Centre village of Northfield. M assachusetts. In Illassachusetts.-From Florida, by Monroe, in Franklin county, and by Readsborough and YVhitingham, to Halifax, in the county of Windham in Vermont. From Colerain, in the county of Franklin, through North Heath to Vifhitingham, in Vermont. From Westfield through Otis and Tyringham, to Great Barrington. From Fitchburg, in Worcester county, by Lunenburg, Townsend harbour, Pepperell, Dunstable, Tyngsborough and North Chelmsford, to Lowell, in the county of Middlesex. From New Bedford, in Bristol county, to the village of Padanaram, in Dartmouth. From Enfield, by Greenwich, Dana, Petersham, Templeton, Westminster, Fitchburg, Lunenburg, Shirley, Groton, VVestford and Chelmsford, to Lowell. From the centre of Aunisquam parish, in Gloucester, to the post-office in said Gloucester. From Greenfield, by Deerfield, to the centre of Whately. From North Adams, in the state of Massachusetts, through Clarksburg, thence through Stamford and Readsborough, in the state of Vermont, to intersect the mail route from Brattlebord to Bennington. From South Plympton to Middle-