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TWENTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 54. 1833. 627 For the payment to Jonathan Elliott for two hundred and fifty copies of the debates on the federal constitution, purchased by order of the House of Representatives [of the] United States, by their resolution of eighteenth February, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-three, three thousand one hundred and twenty-tive dollars. For two thousand copies of Cobb’s Manual, purchased by virtue of a resolution of the House of Representatives of twenty-fifth of February last, one thousand dollars. For the erection of a custom-house at Middletown, Connecticut, four thousand eight hundred dollars. For salary of the principal and assistant librarians, contingent expenses of the library, and pay of messenger, three thousand five hundred and fift dollars. For alteration and repairs of the Capitol, five hundred dollars. For the survey of the coast of the United States, twenty thousand dol- Coast survey. lars. For the purchase of ground occupied by the custom-house at Key Miscellaneous. West, four thousand dollars. For defraying the expenses of repairing a building at Sandy Hook, belonging to the United States, three hundred and nineteen dollars thirty- one cents. For the purchase of a building for the custom-house at Castine, Maine, and repairing the same, eight hundred and fifty dollars. For the erection of a custom-house at New York, three hundred thousand dollars. For compensation to the recorder, two commissioners, and translator, for the adjustment of private land claims in Missouri, according to the act of ninth July, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-two, eight thousand and Fifty-five dollars seventy cents. For contingent expenses and office rent, two hundred and fifty dollars. For the expense of bringing to the seat of government the votes lor President and Vice President, seven thousand five hundred and twenty- one dollars and seventy-five cents. For the payment of balances to officers of the old direct tax and internal revenue, being the balance of an appropriation carried to the surplus fund, six thousand seven hundred dollars twenty-three cents. For making good a deficiency in the fund for the relief of sick and disabled seamen, fifteen thousand seven hundred and iifiy dollars. For removing obstructions in the Savannah river, being part of the balance of an appropriation carried to the surplus fund, forty-three dollars six cents. For preserving and enclosing the marine hospital at Norfolk, two thousand eight hundred and seventy-five dollars. For hospital furniture, beds and bedding, of the new hospital, one thousand dollars. For paying certain inhabitants of the late province of West Florida, now citizens of Louisiana and Mississippi, the claims that have been passed by the accounting officers of the Treasury Department, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-seven dollars forty~five cents, being the balance of a former appropriation, carried to the surplus fund, which is hereby re-appropriated. For the purpose of carrying into effect the act entitled "An act. forthe Ante, p. 613. payment of the horses and arms lost in the military service of the United States against the Indians on the frontiers of Illinois and Michigan territory, passed this session-there be appropriated to be paid out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sums which may be allowed according to that act. To Hilliard Gray and Company, being a balance of a sum due them on their contract for printing a Manual of Infantry Tactics, four hundred and