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700 TWENTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 96. 1834. said gold coins shall be receivable in all payments, when of full weight, according to their respective values; and when of less than full weight, at less values, proportioned to their respective actual weights. Gold and stl- Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That all standard gold or silver de-

l";°l;°":;d€" posited for coinage aiier the thirty-first of July next, shall be paid for in

aid i;,,. ,,,,,,1,,: coin under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, within five Evo dayn. days from the making of such deposit, deducting from the amount of Proviso. said deposit of gold and silver one-half of one per centum: Provided, That no deduction shall be made unless said advance be required by such depositor within forty days. Rate atwhteh Sec. 3. And be itfurtlzcr enacted, That all gold coins of the United {gm °‘?"‘ bihau States, minted anterior to the thirty-first day of July next, shall be rewcma °' ceivable in all payments at the rate of ninety-four and eight-tenths of a cent per pennyweight. Gold coins to Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the better to secure a conforl’° '°* 'Pm f°' mity of the said gold coins to their respective standards as aforesaid, u",' from every separate mass of standard gold which shall be made into coins at the said mint, there shall be taken, set apart by the treasurer and reserved in his custody, a certain number of pieces, not less than three, and that once in every year the pieces so set apart and reserved shall be assayed under the inspection of the officers, and at the time, and in the manner now provided by law, and, if it shall` be found that the gold so assayed, shall not be inferior to the said standard hereinbefore declared, more than one part in three hundred and eighty-four in frneness, and one part in five hundred in weight, the officer or officers of the said mint whom it may concern, shall be held excusable; but if any greater inferiority shall appear, it shall be certified to the President of the United States, and if he shall so decide, the said officer or officers shall be there- Pmviso. after disqualified to hold their respective offices: Provided, That it, in making any delivery of coin at the mint in payment of a deposit, the weight thereof shall be found defective, the officer concerned shall be responsible to the owner for the full weight, if claimed at the time of delivery. Ae: to he in Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That this act shall be in force from §;'°¥8;i*°' Jul! and after the thirty-first day of July, in the year one thousand eight hun- ’dred and thirt -four. Y Approved, June 28, 1834. Srnrvrm I. ji ·l¤¤¢ 28. 1834- CHAP. XCVI.—An Act regulating the value of certain foreign gold coins within the United States. (a) AQ ¤*` J`¤¤¤ Be it enacted by the Senate and Houseo R , rescntatives n the United 2i€;t222,°:;’i1Z; States of America, in Congress assembled;-I`hai:€ from and aft; the thirty- ggld cqigg shan first day of July next, the following gold coins shall pass as current as be r•><=¤iV¤bl¤ money within the United States, and be receivable in all payments, by gg; July 31* weight, for the payment of all debts and demands, at the rates following, g,,;],, °g·(;,·e,t that is to say: the gold coins of Great Britain, Portugal, and Brazil, of Britain, Portu- not less than twenty-two carats fine, at the rate of ninety-four cents and

 eight-tenths of a cont per pennyweight; the gold coins of France nine-

` tenths fine, at the rate of ninety-three cents and one-tenth of a cent per Spai¤,Mox_ieo, pennyweight; and the gold coins of Spain, Mexico, and Colombia, of ““d C°l°“‘l““• the fineness of twenty carats three grains und seven-sixteenths of a grain, at the rate of eighty-nine cents and nine-tenths of a cent per penny- weight. Annual usnyn Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the

  • ° l’° '“‘*d°· Secretary of the Treasury to cause assays of the aforesaid gold coins,

(a) Notes of the sets which have been passed relative to foreign coins, vol. ii. p. 374.