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984 SIXTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 178. 1918. E°'*Yd‘““'¥"““°“’°' the best ada ted to the localit he re resents: Promkled, also, That mmm Hmm the seeds allgtted to Senators {md Rdpresentatives for distribution in the districts embraced within the twenty-fifth and thirtygfourth . . . parallels of latitude shall be read; for dehvery not_ later t an the sunelitiiiliiigiznihalm tenth day of January: Provided, a o, That any portion of the allotments to Senators, Representatives, and Delegxates in _Congress remaining uncalled for on the first day of April s all be distributed b the Secretary of wiculture, giving preference to those persons whose names and ad esses have been furnished by Senators and Representatives in Congress and who have not be ore during the ,t§"’°'° °"°'°°“'°‘* same season been supplied by the Department: And provided, also, That the Secretary s all réelport, as provided in this Act, the place, quantit , and rice of se s urchased, and the date of plurchase; but nothing in paragraph shall be construed to prevent the Secretary of Agriculture from sending seeds to those who aptply for the

 same. And the amonmt herein appropriated shall not e diverted

or used for any other purpose but or the purchase, testing, prop a- tion, and distribution of valuable seeds, ulbs, mulberry and other rare and valuable trees, shrubs, vines, cuttings, and plants. Total for Bureau of Plant Industry, $3,137.038. · F°*‘°¤* S°"i°°· _ ronmsr snnvron. · .. - , ,,§;g’_*;QQ‘{'°“°°‘·'“P°'· Sninms, Fonnsr Smwromz One iorester, who shal1=be chief of bureau, $5,000; one chief of office of accounts and fiscal agent,·$2;500; one inspector of records, $2,400; seven district fiscal agents, at $2,120 each; ono forest supervisor, $2,800; one forest supervisor, $2,700; eight forest supervisors, at $2,400 each; twenty forest supervisors, at $2,200 each; orty-nine forest supervisors, at $2,000 eac ; sixty-six forest supervisors, at $1,800 each; five forest supervisors, at $1,600 each; one deputy forest supervisor, $1,800; four eputy forest supervisors, at $1,700 each; twenty-eight deputy forest supervisors, at . $1,600 each; thirty-one deputy forest supervisors, at $1,500 each; R¤z¤¤.¤¤¤- eighteen deputy forest supervisors, at $1,400 each; eleven forest rangers, at $1,500 each; twenty-three forest ranglers, at $1,400 each; seventfy-eight forest rangers, at $1,300 each; two undred and e' hty· eight orest rangers, at $1,200 each; six hundred and thirty great rangers, at $1,100 each; one hundred forest guards, at $1,100 each, for periods not exceeding six months in the aggregate; forty forest guards, at $1,100 each, for periods not exceeding three months in the c1¤¤,m. aggregate; one clerk, $2,100; four clerks, at $2,000 each; nineteen c erks, at $1,800 each; twenty-one clerk, at $1,600 each ;. nine clerks, at $1,500 each; twenty-three clerks, at $1,400 each; nine clerks, at $1,300 each; one hundred and thirty-eight clerks, at $1,200 each; ninety-five clerk, at $1,100 each; fifty-four clerks, at $1,020 each; thirty clerks, at $960 each; one hundred and twenty-two clerk, at $900 each; two clerk, at $840 each; one clerk, $600; one clerk or proof reader, $1,400; one clerk or translator, $1,400; one D¤¤¤¤¤¤¤··¤·» compiler, $1,800; one draftsmen, $2,000; one draftsmen or surveyor, $1,800; three draftsmen, at $1,600 each; one clerk or cornpositor, $1,600; three draftsmen or surveyors, at $1,600 each; sixteen draftsmen or surveyors at $1,500 each; six draftsmen or s1u·veyors, at $1,400 each; two draftsmen, at $1,500 each; nine draftsmen, at $1,400 each; four draftsmen, at $1,300 each; sixteen draftsmen, at $1,200 each· two draftsmen, at $1,100 each; three draftsmen, at $1,020 each; ‘ one draftsmen, $1,000; one draftsmen, $960; twelve draftsmen or map colonsts, at $900 each; one draftsmen or artist, $1,200; one draftsmen or negative cutter, $1,200; one artist, $1,600; one artist, $1,000; one photographer, $1,600; one photograper, $1,400; one photographer, $1,200; one pihotographer, $1,100; one hthogra her or photographer, $1,200; one thographer’s helper, $780; one blhe-printer, $900; one