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S1xTY-F1FTH GONGRESS. Sess. 1. Ch. 27. 1917. 121 affectinag the public health, and not to exceed ten cases in any one hospit at one time; 0 id tm t For medical examinations, care of seamen, care and treatment of all e¢¤.°°° ° mm ’ other persons_ entitled to relief, and miscellaneous expenses other than marine hospitals, which are not included under special heads, $17 0,000; _ Bm For Lournals and scientific books, $500; in an In a , $2,074,500, which shall include the amount necessary for the iilirsii p?8S5?m~ medical inspection of aliens, as required by section seventeen of the Act approved February twentieth, nineteen hundred and seven. Quarantine service: For maintenance and ordinary expenses, 3‘,§{‘§*,€ft},‘f‘},,’§8'Y*°°· exc usive of (pay of officers and employees, of quarantine stations at East rt an Portland, Maine; Boston, Massachusetts; Providence, Rhodie) Island; Perth Amboy, New Jersey; Delaware Breakwater; Reedy Island, and the Delaware Bay and River; Alexandria, Virginia; Cape Charles and siipplemental station thereto; Cape Fear, 'ewbern, and Washington, orth Carolina; Georgetown, Charleston, Beaufort, and Port Royal, South Carolina; Savannah; South Atlantic; Dari%n; Bkunsvpéck; gimbeglandl Sonrpnd; W Jcgms River; Biscayne ay; ey est; oca ran e; ampa ; ort  ; Cedar Key; Punta Rassa; Saint Georges Sound (East and est Pass); Saint Joseph; Saint Andrews and Pensacola, Florida; Mobile; New Orleans and supplemental stations thereto; Pascaglgula; Gulf; Gulfpprt; Galveston, Laredo, Eagle Pass, and El aso, Texas; San iego, San Pedro and adjoining rts, Santa Barbara, San Francisco Montero , and Port Harford, [California; Fort Bragg, Eureka, Columbia Igver, Florence Newport, Coos Bay, and Gardner, Oregon; Port Townsend and supplemental stations thereto; quarantine systems of Alaska, the Hawaiian Islands includ' the eprosy hospital, and Porto Rico; and including and_not $500 for printing on account of the quarantine service at times when the e encies of that service require immediate action, $170,000. xlgey West, Florida, quarantine station: For detention hulk, repairs, ,;,¥,Y’ w°“· m‘· ""‘ and equipment, $7,000. _ Prevention of epidemics: To enable the President, in case only of d,{,,"°,,§"’“"" °' °’“' threatened or actual epidemic of cholera, typhus fever, yellow fever, W- 3% P- **8- small x, bubonic plague, Chinese plxzfue or black deat , trachoma, or infiiiitile paralysis, to aid State an local boards, or otherwise, in his discretion, in preventing and suppressing the spread of the same, and in such emeipency in the execution of arrguquarantine laws which ,, , may be then in orce, $400,000: Provided, t a detailed report of newé ot upwathe expenditures hereunder shall annually hereafter be submitted to *“‘°°· Con ess. Fgild investigations: For investigations of diseases of man and m°m"°°°°°"°‘ conditions iniiuencing the propagation and spread thereof, including sanitation and sew e, an the (pollution of navigable streams an lakes of the Unitedagtates, inclu `ng personal service,_$200,000. husmq I Interstate uarantine service: For cooperation with State and sms. municipal healith authorities in the prevention of the spread of conta 'ous and infectious diseases in interstate traflic, $15,000. Rm, mmm Ilural sanitation: For special studies of, and demonstration work in, PWM ' rural sanitation, including personal service, $150,000: Provided, cmpeeiseumqueea. That no part of this appropnatnon shall be available for demonstration work in rural sanitation in any community unless the State, county, or municipality in which the community is located agrees to pay onehalf the expense of such demonstration work. Pellagra: For rental, equipment, and maintenance of a temporary P°"*"""“““· Held hospital and laboratory, including pay of personnel, for special studies of pellagra, $40,000.