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SIXTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3. 1917. 3 COMMISSION ON STANDARD WORKDAY OF RAILROAD 0}},;*}:,;;,%% W°’kd°Y EMPLOYEES. ' For additional expenses of the Eight-Hour Commission, created by iiiil1ii£°;li1v?i.I the Act of September third and fifth, nineteen hundred and sixteen, to ‘ complete the work of the commission and to enable it to make the report called for by the said Act, $35,000, to continue available during the Hscal year nineteen hundred and eighteen. BUREAU OF EFFICIENCY. Em°*°"°" B“’°°“· To enable the Bureau of Eiliciency to make the investigations {}},‘f§g;,'§‘}';;,,,m_ required by the legislative, executive, and gudicial appropriation _Act for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and eig teen, $20 000, to continue available during the iiscal aylear nineteen hundred and eighteen: Promkkd, That no person sh be employed hereunder at a compen- {,’;%;,,,,,,,,,, sation exceeding $4,000 per annum. DEPARTMENT or smra. ”°*’“"“‘°"°°‘S'“°°· For the relief, rotection, and transportation of American citizens, ca§i:ll§iielii;sciiili§llii·1i>l;i’¢i: in connection with or growing out of the existing political disturbance in Europe, $250,000, to be expended at the discretion of the President and to be available during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and eighteen: Provided, That American citizens to whom relief is extended gm] ”°"°b.,,,.m,,,,'“t_ or transportation is furnished hereunder shall pay to or reimburse the United States all reasonable expenses so inc1u·red, respectively, on their account, if financially able to do so. sms A detailed statement of all expenditures hereunder and of all aum,m°”t°f°xp°°d” amoimts reimbursed to the United States of such expenditurm shall be made to Congress on or before the beginning of its next regular S°$S1°H· , , Pan American Scien- Second Pan American Scientiiic Congress: The amount which may tmc immss. be expended for salaries from the appropriation of $42,000 for preps- m$E£L’£ ‘°' °°1°"°° ration and printing of the reports, proceedings, and papers of the Second Pan American Scientific Congress, contained in the general vom, wm deciency appropriation Act approved September eighth, mneteen ` hundred an sixteen, is increase from $3,300 to $5,000. raaasumr DEPARTMENT. ...2`.&?““" "°°""‘ ooN·rrNemN·r EXPENSES. °°““““°“""*’°°’°’· For stationery for the Treasury Department and its several bureaus Shawn" and offices, $30,000. www For purchase, exchange, maintenance, and repair of motor trucks; ` purchase, exchange, an maintenance of horses, including shoeing; purchase and repair of wagons, horse-drawn passenger-carrying vehicles, and harness, all to be used for official piuposes only, $5,000. INTERNAL REVENUE. '”“°"'“"°"'°“"°· To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to refund money covered R°‘““d °‘ “*‘°“· inte the Treasury as internal—revenue collections, under the ro- V I visions of the Act approved May twenty-seventh, nineteen hundired ° '?“5’p`w' and eight, $75,000. The Commissioner of Internal Revenue, subject to 1§ulation » §'§§'§€{,‘Q,Y,§{,‘§’·°, prescribed by the Secretary of the 'lreasury, may make owance vfglmcp- 7,5 for or redeem stamps, issued under authority of the Act approved '38’P' ’ October twenty-second, nineteen hundred and fourteen, entitled "An Act to increase the internal revenue, and for other purposes,"