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SIXTY—FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. 1. cH. 49. 1917. 267 marine mines, mine fields, submarine cables, or other material and accessories pertaining to seacoast fortifications; and the said Secre· ,iQ1Q§*?"“p°‘“”g °‘Pl°' tary of War shall have like power to regulate the transportation of ex losives upon any of said waters. Enf That to enforce the regulations prescribed pursuant to this section °"°°“‘°”°‘ the Secretary of War may detail any public vessel in the service of the War Department, or, upon the request of the Secretary of War, the head of any other department may enforce, and the head of any - such department is hereby authorized to enforce, such regulations by means of an public vessel of such department. _ Sec. 9. Tllat whenever any State or any reclamation, Hood con- t1tig°ii>°dif¤1g·i1ri°i$°uil€ trol or draina e district, or other public agency created by any State, §j;¤g,{_<;*,{§¤g{1g{1jggi1;;¤ shall undertalce to secure any land or easement therein, needed in etc. ’ connection with a work of river and harbor improvement duly authorized by Conigress, for the purpose of conveying the same to the United States ree of cost, an shall be unable for anti reason to obtain the same by purchase and acquire a valid title ereto, the Secretary of War may, in his discretion, cause proceedings to be instituted in the name of the United States for the acquirement by condemnation of said land or easement, and it shall be the dnt of thehAttorney General of {alba United Spatles {gee institute congpct suc mceed1ngs' u n the uest o the retary 0 ar: ro- P~·¤•¤· ·vided,PThat all expleldses of Igsilid proceedings and any award that s °°t °' may be made thereunder shall be paid by such State, or reclamation, flood control or drainage district or other public agency as aforesaid, to secure which payment the Secretary of War may such State, or reclamation, Hood control or drainage district, or other public agency as aforesaid, to execute a proper bond in such amount as he mag eem necessary before said proceedings are commenced. E ,,p,,m_ nc. 10. That section four of the iriver and harbor Act of July V9 -mw. r>- 411, twenty-seventh, nineteen hundred and sixteen, be, and is hereby, amen Bd s° as t° md 8S f¤¤1<>w¤= maexzo rsiamisrv "Sec. 4. That there shall be rinted one thousand five hundred ¤¤1¤r¤·1pri¤t¤d· ' copies of an index to the annual) reports of the Chief of Engineers, United States Army, from nineteen hundred and thirteen to nineteen hrmdred and seventeen, inclusive, which shall be supplemental to the index published in House Document Numbered Seven hundred and forty, Sixty-third Congress, second session, coverindg the period from cig teen hundred and sixty-six to nineteen hundre and twelve, inclusive authorized bdv section six of the river and harbor Act X$°{l5,{;E,Eg,m_ approved July twenty- fth, nineteen hundred and twelve, and shall a so include an index of congressional documents relating to works of river and harbor implrovement which have not been published in . the annual reports of the Chief of Enineers, and an index of such other professional papers relating to the work of the Engineer Department as the Chie of Engineers may select for this purpose." Ch, 0 m Sec. 11. The Secretary o War is hereby directed to report with- n¤p°¢if:'tr survey or out delay to Congress the surve provided or by the river and harbor ,1?§’,b,,‘}{,d$“°'°“°“m°”” Act of nineteen undred and thirteen relative to the encroachments l’¤1·3'·'. D· 817- and obstructions in the Chicago River and all its branches, together with such encroachments as have been made in and along the lake front between Lincoln Park and the Indiana State line. mm W h Sec. 12. ’l`hat the Secretary of War is hereby authorized, under rmegit $`i1.inm¤ Such terms, including a reasonable rental, to be approved by him, ,,°,§’,§‘?.?,§`,,,},,'§‘;,,,’{‘,{,,’f to permit the Betterton-Morgan Company Inc. to construct a dock 1¤¤¤¤· or ocks upon lots one, two, and three, block six, Seattle tidelands, ‘ or upon such portions thereof as he may des?nate, the construction of said docks to be under the supervision 0 and all material used therein to be approved by the Secretary of War and the necessary expenses of suc supervision and construction to be home by said Tum md amp company. Said company shall maintain said docks at its own am.