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SIXTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. UH. 79. 1917. 375 DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE. t ot Com- Oifice of the Secretaigz For an additional stenoggarpher from Oc- $$5Zi% °?€§Z{.,g. tober first, nineteen hun ed and seventeen, to June t tieth, nineteen ***1*****- hundred and eighteen, inclusive, at the rate of $1,200 per annum, $900. _ mmmu or merrrnousns. L"""‘°“°°“ B“'°°“‘ To enable the Commissioner of Lighthouses to pay additional com- d,§`§g'H,§‘,§{'°’ *’°’ °° gensation to draftsmen employed on marine engineering work in the ureau of Lighthouses, the pay of such draftsmen in no case to exceed the rate of $2,000 per annum, $1,200. A · Aransas Pass L ht Station, Texas: For repairing and rebuilding t,.,,f°fi§’ Pm S"' dwellings, outbuillgings, and appurtenant structures damaged or R°P°*’S· destroyed in the hurricane of August eighteenth, nineteen hundred and sixteen, $20,000. , nmznau or msnmmns. F“h°"°S B“'°°“‘ Alaska, general service: For an additional amount for protecting im‘i1”k“’g°°”°1”"' the seal fisheries of Alaska, including the same objects s eciiied under this head in the sundry civil appropriation Act for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and eighteen, $35,000. _ coasr aim enonzrrc sunvnr. Hg?. ud G°°d°u° For the installation of a complete automatic s rinkler and alarm buii¢ii¤g£r°°°°u°“ °[ system for nre prevention in the buildings of the Coast and Geodetic Survey in Washington, District of Columbia, $12,000. S _ i · For the purchase of necessary additional surveying instruments m,§'LY°’m“ nm"' required in order to meet the extraordinary demands or greatly increased fieldwork incident to war conditions and to rep enish the stock, $10,000. srmunoar-msrmcrron smzvrcn. milfi?}wb(£iI”°°°° For two local ins ctors clerk hire, and cent' ent e nses of the T“""°· F"· local board of steaxliieboat inspectors, Tam a, Illlgrida, iiighorized by l’¤l·¤°»l:'9ig' the Act approved February twenty-sixth, `nineteen hundred and · seventeen, $5,925. emznau or srannanns. . °“”d°"‘°*’“’°°°· Radio laboratory: For additional amount for the construction of a R°‘“° ‘°"°”‘°'Y· iirefiroof laboratory building to provide space to be used for research an testing in ra `o communication, and to enable the Bureau of Standards to provide space and facilities for cooperative research and gcgerimental work in radio communication by the War, Navy, Post ce, Treasury, and other departments, and for suitable aerials, $40,000. · _ DEPARTMENT OF LABOR. mwmuvoruw. Omncn or um Sncnrrranrz For two additional watchmen from §,?§{'é$“,;,’,§_°m“· Qctober first, nineteen hundred and seventeen, to June thirtieth, mneteen hundred and eighteen, inclusive, at the rate of $720 each per annum, $1,080. Coumissroivmzs or oonomramowz To enable the Secretary of Labor m,°,§’,§'l‘,{',{"’i°"°"°‘°°"' to exercise the authority vested in him by section eight of the Act $§}’g';’°;;.,38 creating the Department of Labor, and to appoint commissioners of ' ` conciliation, per diem in lieu of subsistence at not exceeding $4, and traveling expenses, $100,000.