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388 SIXTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 83. 1917. each license issued. They shall keep an accurate record of all licenses issued in manner and form to be rescribed by the Director of the Bureau of Mines, to whom they sh£l make reports from time to time as may be by rule issued by the director required. The necessary blanks and blank records shall be furnished to such officers by the Removal ¤Hi<=¤¤sins said director. Licensing officers shall be subject to removal for °m°°”’°°°` cause by the Director of the Bureau of Mines, and all licenses issued Am’p_38,_ by them slpall be subject to revocation by the director as provided in section e even. ,0gfP}°S*"°S i”SP°°· Sec. 13. That the President, by and with the advice and consent b£pp¤i¤¤m¤¤ta¤th¤r— of the Senate, mag appoint in eac State and in Alaska an exlplosives ' inspector, whose uty it shall be, under the direction of the irector of the Bureau of Mines, to see that this Act is faithfully executed and i’¤Y·d°*¤”=·¤*¢· observed. Each such inspector shall receive a salarg of $2,400 per annum. He mafy at any time be detailed for service y said director in the District o Columbia or in any State, Territory, or dependency lgd¤¤i¤*S¤‘¤*i‘·‘¤ ¤¤¤- of the United States. All additional employees re uired in carrpying P y°°S` out the provisions of this Act shall be appointed by Elie Director o the Buureau of Mines, subject to the approval of the Secretary of the terror. spasms unlawful Sec. 14. That it shall be unlawful for any person to represent him- §,S,,‘§,‘Z““°°*°° with self as having a license issued under this Act, when he has not such s license, or as having a license different in form or in conditions from the one which he in fact has, or without proper authority make,·cause to be made, issue or exhibit anythindg purporting or pretending to be such license, or intended to mislea any person into believing it is such a license, or to refuse to exhibit his license to an peace officer, dm Feéieral or ¥.hate, or representative 0; the Bupeau of ¤ . U¤z¤¤¢¤<>. [di- no. 15. at no inspector or other em 0 ee o e ureau of rQ>“iiiid`ag¤$im{° Mines shall divulge any information obtaiiiedy in the course of his duties imder this ct regarding the business of an licensee, or applicant for license, without authority from the applicant for license or from the Director of the Bureau of Mines. Mvpgggvv ¤¤¤rki=¤s Sec. 16. That everiy person authorized under this Act to manu- P facture or store exp osives or ingredients shall clearly mark and define the premises on which his plant or magazine may be and shall conspicuouslrlyl display thereon the words "Explosives——Keep Off." eupaaspcnoragd gas Sr;o._ 17. at no person, without the consent of the owner or his

,,,brddsB. ’ " authorized agents, except peace officers, the Director of the Bureau

of Mines an persons esignated b him in Writing, shall be in or upon any plant or premises on which explosives are manufactured or _ _ stored, or e in or upon any magazine premises on which ex losives c,,?‘S°““‘g‘“g°‘°°’m’· are stored; nor shall any person discharge any firearms or throw or place any explosives or inilammable bombs at, on, or against any such plant or magazine premises, or cause the same to be done. t pgecgge rules. etc., Sec. 18. at the Director of the Bureau of Mines is hereby author-. ° m °' ized to make rules and regulations for ca rin into effect this Act, subject to the approval of the Secretary ofrilhe fnterior. ,a5;*¤*;i5bm°¤° *0* **0- Sec. 19. That any person violating any of the rovisions of this ` Act, or any rules or regjulations made thereunder, sliall be guilty of a misdemeanor and sha be punished by a hne of not more than 23,000 pr by imprisonment not more than one year, or by both such e an im risonment. m;g;°g}‘§§f*g;?,,0*;0‘g§ SEc._20. }fhat the Director of the Bureau of Mines is hereby and ares. authorized to investigate all explosions and fires which may occulin mines, quarries, factories, warehouses, magazines, houses, cars, &€§i¤¢¤*°i€S·€*¤~»SP°¤i· boats, conveyances, and all places in which ex losives or the in- ` _ gredients thereof are manufactured, transportedi stored, or used, e,§°¥’°” °’ m“h°g$· and shall, in his discretion, rriport his findings, in such manner as he may deem fit, to the proper ederal or State authorities, to the end that if such explosion has been brought about by a willful act the